Wildfire Acrylic Pour Canvas

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Ruchi here! Hope you all  are having  a great time and enjoying the DT posts that the talented designers are putting forth. This time I am back with a creation made with Little Birdie Crafts, Acrylic Pouring Medium and Pouring Paints.

I was extremely excited to use the product. I did a small piece first and was very happy with the results. So I decided to create another canvas for you all. I am quite elated with the results and hope you all enjoy the process and the end result.

Project: Wildfire – Acrylic pour canvas


Step 1 : For my project I used a 12×12″ watercolor canvas. You can use any wooden, MDF or canvas base. I would recommend that you gesso the base first.

Step 2 : The second step was to select the colors. As I was aiming to create a wildfire jungle look I chose all the warm colors like yellow, orange, plum. Also to bring out the contrast, I chose black and white. The pouring medium and colors can be mixed in different ratios(as the pack says 50:50 ideally) the consistency has to remain such that it is easy to pour. The colors, once mixed should coat the spoon and fall from it in one continuous flow. I had experimented earlier with a 60:40 ratio of pouring medium to color, I did similarly here. I would recommend all to use paper cups, wooden ice-cream sticks for mixing and gloves to protect your hands from getting messy.

Step 3 : Now it was time to decide what kind of pour painting would give me the desired look. I choose to fill all colors, one after the other in a big cup, except the black. I decided to use black separately. Make sure that you pour the colors in the big cup slowly and from one edge.(view the pic )

Step 4 : Now comes the exciting part of actually pouring the colors on to the board. I create a black ring first and then inside that did tree ring pour of the colors in the big cup. For tree ring cup you carefully create a stream of color that falls on the surface slowly and in less quantity. You manipulate the cup and rotate it slightly in a circular fashion so that the color forms rings, as you pour.

once the colors were on the board, I tilted the board to move the color and the ring in all directions. Once the color had spread out, I added more of the black on both the edges.

Step 5: I let the pour dry for 24 hrs and then added some splatters with white gesso and made trees with a permanent marker.


The Final Look:

I am very happy with how the whole project looks and hope you will give the pouring medium a try. Yes… I did not use any silicon or blow torch.

More close up pics. Enjoy!


List of products used :

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