About Us



Little Birdie is a leading brand, manufacturing the most exciting Hobby and Craft products for craft enthusiasts from around the world. Little Birdie was started in Bangalore in 2004 when Harish Closepet and his wife, Rashmi Closepet moved back to India from Australia with a mission in mind – to spread the joys of crafting.

We are a wholesaler of premium Handmade Flowers and Embellishments that sells exclusively to retail businesses. From dainty and subtle colours, to vintage and rustic look, we carry an entire range of innovative, elegant, and sophisticated products. What’s more exciting is we have lovely Paper packs, Mediums & Textures, Paints, Sprays, Panels, Dies and much more to suit every crafter’s unique style – Scrapbooking, Card Making, Mixed Media, Altered Art and list goes on.

We pride ourselves in empowering rural India by providing employment opportunities to 2000 women, directly or indirectly. Today, we have a product development team of handpicked Designers and Artisans. All of our flowers are meticulously hand-embossed, hand- shaded, and hand-glittered.

At Little Birdie Crafts, we constantly strive to offer the most heartening and upscale products, while delivering an excellent value for money. Join us on a colorful and lively crafting expedition, and we promise it will be an unforgettable experience, filled with truck loads of creativity and inspiration.

Reach out to us at sales1@littlebirdiecrafts.com for any questions you might have.

Happy Crafting!