Artist Trading Cards

I would like to introduce Tim, Ben and Joe.  They are members of the Facial Hair Club and they are representing said club today on these  little pieces of art, called Artist Trading Cards, (also referred to as ATC’s.)  I am an ATC AND Mustache fanatic, so I was super excited to see these dimensional stickers in my bag of Little Birdie Crafts goodies!

Here’s What You’ll Need:


I used a variety of techniques to create the names, each design is hand drawn. “Tim” was done with a white pen, while “Ben” was created using embossing powder. “Joe” was designed with white paint.  A few splatters of white paint here and there and you get the little mishap look that gives them their character.

What is an Artist Trading Card?

It is a small piece of art; the only rule is that it be 3.5″ x 2.5″ in size.  It can be made of cardstock, cardboard, fabric, metal, pretty much anything your imagination can conjure up!  It can be flat or chunky. Artist Trading Cards are never sold; they’re always traded with someone else, anywhere in the world.  There are many Facebook groups that offer swapping opportunities, and even a site called  where artists are paired up with others to trade. Users can also request directly to trade for another card of their liking, and artists can agree to send to one another.  I personally have sent over 1,000 cards to every corner of the globe since April 2017.  I have met some wonderful men and women around the world, and have even became pen pals with a few!

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Candy Rosenberg

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