Pencil Cards – Back to School

Hello friends! Inna Brigantina here today sharing my inspirational project with you. Very soon the holidays will end and children will go to school. Let’s make welcome cards for friends and teachers together.

For the bases of the blanks of the card, I took a simple form of a pencil.
It’s not hard to cut it out.
Any plain cardboard will do.

To give the blanks the appearance of real pencils, you can paint them with paints or use colored paper.
To achieve a variety of colors, I used paper from different collections. I have these sheets of True Love Collection, Boho Dreams Collection, Aqua Medley Collection 

For the decor, I cut out the leaves with cutting dies set Florence , Thin cut Metal Dies Set – Floris

I also used leaves from the set Evergreen Leafage Assorted

With the leaves and flowers I formed a composition on postcards. I have flowers from the sets Elira – Boho Vibes, Zoey Washed Aqua Medley

The main part is done. Now I have to only add an inscription and small accents.

The edges of the blanks were tinted with stamp pads. Allow yourself a little fun and sprinkle everything with little blobs.

My cards are ready. The remaining part is to add warm words on the back of the card and wishes for easy reading.

I hope, friends, you liked my simple cards and the idea will be useful to you.
Stay safe and always find time for creativity
Hugs, Inna Brigantina

Youth ‘Pop It’ Card

Hi friends, today I, Inna Brigantina is sharing with you my new creative idea.

You know that the youth ‘pop it’ toy is now popular all over the world. Why not make a greeting card in the same style?

For the base, I cut out cardboard in the shape of an ice cream /ice pop / popsicle. I also cut small circles with a diameter of 2.2 cm from plain paper.

I divide the whole card into identical strips. Their height equals the height of the round elements with a small margin.

I glued narrow strips of cardboard and covered the base with Acrylic Gesso- White

I coloured the postcard using Acrylic Matt Chalk Paint Set 

For the inscription I used Clear Stamps

I glued the painted parts of the card to the base. The cute card is ready!

I hope friends, you had a lot of fun with me today))
Hug, Inna Brigantina

Mini Album Made From Scrap Paper

Hi friends! Today I, Inna Brigantina, want to share with you an option for using different scraps of paper.

Often after projects there are various pieces of paper that are a pity to throw away. I also sometimes get narrow long pieces of cardboard left over from large sheets

This time I had a 10cm wide strip. I creased it at a distance of 7.5 cm. I left allowances for the thickness of the album at 0.5 cm

I folded the punched strip of cardboard like an accordion.

I used the cards in the kit for the design Aqua Medley Collection

I made pockets of different designs from scraps of paper. I made the front and back sides.

Before making the cover, I measured the width of the spine. With a margin I had this 2.5 cm

For the cover, I curled a strip of cardboard at a distance of 7.5-2.5-8-2.5-6cm. Its width is 11cm.

I pasted the album block into the cover. I decorate the inner side using paper from the Aqua Medley Collection

I pasted over the outside, having previously installed the magnets. My mini scrapbook is almost done. It remains to decorate the cover.

I used Aqua Medley Ephemera Embellishment for decoration, as well as elements for cutting from a small set Aqua Medley Collection.

Little Birdie handmade flower – Marina Aqua Medley complements the cover perfectly.

See how I made it in a small video review.

I hope friends, my project has inspired you! I hug, Inna Brigantina