Dreamy Mixed Media Card

Hi Little Birdie Crafts fans! It’s Tracey back to share a new project with you. I just adore working with fabulous Little Birdie mixed media products and of course creating a beautiful focal point with these gorgeous flowers.  Here are the steps to create this lovely card.

Step 1

Cut a piece of teal paper from the Chevron in Aquarelle 12×12″ Paper Collection to 5×7 inches. Brush with clear gesso.

***Tip*** If you use wet media like color splash and texture pastes, the paper tends to wrinkle and warp. A couple coats of clear gesso reduces the warping quite a bit. I like to brush the front of the card with clear gesso, then the back and then the front one more time, drying between each coat. While there is no media applied to the back of the card, this step helps the card to lay flat without as much curling as when I applying the gesso to only the front of the paper.

Step 2

Using the Script Heart Clear Stamp, use your fingers rather than a stamp block to stamp just the heart portion of the image with embossing medium on the right side of the card. Apply white embossing powder and heat .

Step 3

Use the 10x18cm Cracked Design Stencil to apply Aquatini Embossing Texture Paste to opposite corners.

Allow the texture paste to dry then use a dry fan brush to lightly brush Little Birdie White Gesso over the entire card base including the texture. Brush some of the gesso off of the brush before brushing across the card so that some of the color from the paper and texture paste shows through. This is called dry brushing.

Step 4

Spritz randomly with a light misting of Ocean Mist Color splash and mist with water to allow to spread. Dry then repeat with Hot Pink Color splash. Dry then repeat with a teal color mist.

Step 5

Apply Deep Sea Blue Mixed Media Paint to opposite corners of the card base. I used my fingers to apply, but you could use a brush if you prefer. I misted lightly with water to help the paint move and to get a more translucent effect so that the lighter color underneath still shows through.

Step 6

Dab embossing medium onto the gorgeous Primed Chipboard Clock. Cover with white embossing powder and heat. Dab the filigree edges with embossing medium, sprinkle lightly with shabby blue embossing medium and heat. Dab the edges one more time with embossing medium, sprinkle lightly with baby blue embossing medium and heat. Be sure to use a light hand with the blue embossing powders to let some of the colors below show through.

Step 7

I think we all have those odd jewelry pieces hanging around that we’ve saved, but that don’t quite go with any of our projects. An easy fix is to brush with white gesso then apply Color Splash in coordinating colors. The center glass dome was brushed with a thick coat of Crackle Paste and set aside to dry before brushing with gesso and color.

Step 8

Dry brush the leaves, flowers, and metal jewelry discs lightly with white gesso, then set aside or heat to dry.

I’ve use the following beautiful Little Birdie Crafts flowers: Cornelia, blue; Aslin, pink; Serabella Classic; Beaded Dasies, grey; and Micro Jewlled Florettes, grape/tan.

Once the gesso is dry, adhere flowers, leaves, chipboard, mixed media metal flower, metal jewelry discs and pearls. (I’ve set a few of the pearls into the small metal discs.)

Step 9

Brush soft gel medium around the bottom of the cluster to adhere Deep Marine and Iced Slate Microbeads along with teal seed beads .

Step 10

Color sentiment with ink and add to card.

Step 11

Cut a sheet of Bright White Premium Card stock to 10×7″ and score at 5 inches and fold to create a 5×7″ card base. Adhere the decorated layer to the base.

Little Birdie Crafts Supplies:

  • Cornelia, Blue
  • Aslinn, Pink
  • Serabella Classic
  • Beaded Daisies, Grey
  • Micro Jewlled Florettes, Grape/Tan
  • Chevron in Aquarelle 12×12″ Paper Collection
  • Premium Card Stock ~ Bright White (for card base)
  • Primed Chipboard ~ Chipboard Clock
  • Metal Microbeads ~ Deep Marine
  • Metal Microbeads ~ Iced Slate
  • Gesso ~ White
  • Crackle Paste
  • Acrylic Soft Gel Medium – Matte
  • Embossing Texture Paste ~ Aquatini
  • Color Splash ~ Ocean Mist
  • Color Splash ~ Hot Pink
  • Mixed Media Acrylic Paint – Deep Sea Blue
  • Clear Stamps ~ Script Heart
  • Stencil 10x18cm ~ Cracked Design

Other supplies

  • Sentiment Sticker Pad
  • BeadCraft ~ Jewellry Essentials – Pearls in a variety of sizes
  • Sequins in Blue and Teal
  • Gesso ~ Clear
  • Metal/Glass Flower
  • Embossing ~ Dabber
  • Jasmine Pigment Ink
  • Color Mist ~ Teal
  • Embossing Powder ~ Shabby Blue, White, Baby Blue
  • Sequins in blue, teal, white
  • Jewelry findings – round discs
  • Seed Beads – Silver Lined Teal, 11/0
  • Strong liquid Glue


I hope you’ve been inspired to grab your Little Birdie Crafts Supplies and create a mixed media card for someone special in your life.

~ Blessings ~


Shabby Mixed Media Floral Wooden Heart

Hi everyone, it’s Tracey back to share a new project with you. I’ve created a romantic wooden heart featuring gorgeous Little Birdie Crafts flowers and mixed media products.

Do you adore texture as much as I do? In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create the delicate textures found on this shabby floral heart.

Step 1

Mix equal parts gesso and water to create a wash and brush one coat across the heart allowing the beautiful wood grain to show through. Don’t forget the sides. Set aside to dry or use a heat tool to speed up the process.

Step 2

Use the fabulous Net Stencil to apply Grainy Texture Paste to opposite edges of the heart. While wet, sprinkle with pink super fine glitter. Set aside to dry.

**Tip** A coffee filter is a great way to catch excess glitter and return it to the container.

Step 3

Cut off a piece of cheesecloth that will fit across about 2/3 of the heart. Rub the edges to distress. Arrange across the heart and brush with Little Birdie Soft Matte Gel Medium to adhere.

Step 4.

Mist the heart with water and spatter teal watercolor medium randomly across the background. Tilt the heart in different directions to get the color to flow and move across the surface. Set aside to dry or use a heat tool.

Step 5.

Pull apart the pieces of a gear from the 3D Gear Wheel Primed Chipboard set and dab with white gesso using a foam stencil brush to get a lovely textured surface. Even though the chipboard comes beautifully primed, I wanted the pieces to be completely white since the embossing powder I used is somewhat translucent.

Allow the gesso to dry then dab the gears with embossing medium and cover with silver pearl embossing powder. Heat, then while still hot lightly sprinkle with teal blue embossing powder in random areas and heat again.

Step 6.

Die cut leaves from Bright White Premium card Stock.

Arrange flowers, butterflies, chipboard gears, lace, and die cut leaves. Adhere to the heart using a strong glue. I’ve used: Jamie, Moon Light; Camila, Arctic Ice; Beaded Micro Petals, Grape/Tan; Bouquet, Arctic Ice; Bouquet, Pearl Pink, Burlap Mini Beaded Butterflies, Natural & Cream.

Step 7.

Find areas around the cluster that you want to fill in. Brush these places with a nice thick layer of Little Birdie Soft Matte Gel Medium and sprinkle with Crystal Drops, Deep Marine Microbeads, and pink prills. Set aside to dry.

Step 8

Use a dry brush to lightly apply white gesso to the flowers, cheesecloth texture, burlap butterflies, and beaded texture. While I had the gesso out, I also dry brushed the jute cord to hang the heart.

Step 9:

Lightly brush the beaded texture with Little Birdie Crafts Shimmery Sherbet Tinted Metallic Paint.

Step 10:

Brush magenta pan pastels randomly on the edges where there is texture and into the centers of the white flowers. Other types of pastels or ink would work for this accent color as well.

I also added the “Follow Your Heart” sentiment strip from my stash which is a perfect fit for this heart shaped decor piece.

Little Birdie Crafts Supplies:

  • Jamie ~ Moon Light
  • Camila Arctic Ice
  • Beaded Micro Petals ~ Grape/Tan
  • Bouquet ~ Arctic Ice
  • Bouquet ~ Pearl Pink
  • Burlap Mini Beaded Butterflies ~ Natural & Cream
  • Primed Chipboard ~ 3D Gear Wheel
  • Premium Card Stock ~ Bright White
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Crystal Drops
  • Metal Microbeads ~ Deep Marine
  • White Gesso
  • Grainy Texture Paste
  • Acrylic Gel Medium ~ Soft Matte
  • Tinted Metallic Paint ~ Shimmery Sherbet
  • Stencil ~ Net 4×7″

Other Supplies:

  • Wooden Heart
  • Quote Chips
  • Lace Butterfly Sticker
  • Lace from my stash
  • 8mm Pearl ~ White
  • Bling Sticker
  • Embossing Pearl – Silver
  • Ultra Fine Glitter – Pastel Pink
  • Embossing Powder – Detail Capri
  • Watercolor ~ Teal Zircon
  • PanPastels – Magenta Shade
  • Prills – Tu-Tu Pink
  • Skeleton Leaves Thinlits Dies
  • 450 Quick Dry Adhesive
  • Mono MULTI Liquid Glue
  • Heat Tool
  • Paint Brushes
  • Foam Stencil Brush


I hope you’ve been inspired to collect your Little Birdie Crafts mixed media supplies to create texture on your next project and embellish it with gorgeous Little Birdie flowers.

~ Blessings ~


“You Are Stronger” Mixed Media Framed Panel

Hello Little Birdie Crafts Fans! It’s Tracey here,

I’m so excited to be sharing my first design team project with you. Many thanks to Harish and Rashmi for the opportunity to work with their amazing products!

I have created a shabby mixed media framed panel with a spring theme featuring gorgeous Little Birdie Crafts flowers and mixed media products. I created this piece for a friend who is battling serious heath issues, so this sentiment from the “Hope & Wishes” embellishment set is absolutely perfect. I have accented it with purple which is her favorite color.


Here are the steps to create this lovely panel:

Step 1:

I cut a sheet of this script paper from the “A True Love Story” Paper Pack to 6×8 inches to fit the panel. Used permanent gray ink to stamp a grungy border around the sheet and randomly onto the background using the Melody and Script Heart Clear Stamps. Once the ink has dried, brushed it with clear gesso to help protect the paper from the wet media we will be using later.

Step 2:

Painted the frame and sides of the panel with white gesso.

Step 3:

I dilute Golden Glaze Tinted Metallic Paint with a little water and brushed across the frame and the sides of the panel allowing it to pool in random areas and around the carved edges. Once dry, diluteed some of the Glazed Berries paint with just a tiny bit of water. I used my finger to rub it across the frame, but was careful not to completely cover the gold. Don’t you just adore the shabby vintage feel this gives to the frame?

Step 4:

Brushed Soft Matte Gel Medium onto the front of the panel and the back of the patterned paper then place the paper onto the panel. (You will want to work quickly so the gel medium stays wet.) You will have a few short seconds to adjust and center the paper onto the panel. Place a clean sheet of white copy paper over the patterned paper and roll over it with a brayer to remove any bubbles, then immediately remove the copy paper (so it doesn’t stick to any remnants of matte gel.)

Step 5:

Once the matte gel completely dries, you can start adding mixed media products. Start by applying Grainy Texture Paste to opposite corners of the panel using the Cobble Stone Stencil.

**Tip** Before applying the texture paste, lightly trace around the inside edge of the frame so that you only apply texture to the inside area. This will keep your frame from sitting on raised texture and creating a gap between the frame and the panel.

Step 6:

Even though this fabulous chipboard is already primed, I added one more coat of white gesso so that the purple color would be more vibrant. Once the gesso is dry, brush the vine with Black Current Color Splash diluted with a little water and let it pool so that the color will vary in intensity. Once the Color Splash is dry, brush on a little Mulberry Glaze Sparkle Paste. It’s so wonderful to be able to apply glitter in paste form! No more sparkles all over the project and my studio!

Step 7:

Brush the tan stamen with Black Current Color Splash.

Step 8:

Once the Texture Paste is dry, spritz it with water and brush with Color Splash allowing it to settle into the cracks. Once dry, lightly sponge white gesso across the top of the cobble stones to highlight the texture.

Once the corners are dry, spritz a fine mist of water over the entire panel then spatter by tapping a Color Splash loaded paint brush over the background. The misted water will help the spatters to spread out rather than being defined dots. Then when the Color Splash spatters are dry, spatter again with white drawing ink or diluted white gesso. This time the white spatter goes onto a dry background. You can see the difference the wet and dry backgrounds make, in the close-up photos below.

Step 9:

Use glue (silicone glue works well) to adhere the frame to the panel. Then arrange and adhere elements onto the panel. I’ve used the following Little Birdie Crafts flowers: Caila -Moon Light; Valerie-Butter Milk; Aislinn- Pink; Beaded Blooms Butter Milk; and Micro Jewelled Floret- Grape/Tan.

Other elements include leaves die-cut from Bright White Premium Card Stock, a butterfly that I stamped, colored with watercolor brush markers,  die-cut, pearls, jeweled lavender beads, and a small resin frame from my stash.

Step 10:

I adore adding bits of texture around the cluster. Matte Soft Gel is a perfect adhesive to adhere these sparkling bits. Brush a thick coat of gel medium where you want the bling, then sprinkle the bits into the gel medium. It works best to start with the larger pieces like Crystal Drops and end with finer pieces like microbeads and glitter shards. I’ve used Crystal Drops and Summer Gold Metal Microbeads along with prills, microbeads, and chunky glass glitter from my stash.

**Tip** Use an inexpensive and/or old worn paintbrush for applying gel medium as it is difficult to completely remove from the bristles of the brush. I keep a couple of these brushes handy just for this purpose.

Little Birdie Crafts Supplies:

  • A True Love Story Paper Pack ~ 12×12″
  • Premium Card Stock ~ Bright White
  • Caila ~ Moon Light
  • Valerie ~ Butter Milk
  • Aislinn ~ Pink
  • Beaded Blooms ~ Butter Milk
  • Micro Jewelled Florets ~ Grape Tan
  • Primed Chipboard ~ Vine
  • Hope Wishes Embellishments
  • White Gesso
  • Soft Gel Medium ~ Matte
  • Grainy Texture Paste
  • Sparkle Paste ~ Mulberry Glaze
  • Color Splash ~ Black Current
  • Tinted Metallic Paint ~ Golden Glaze
  • Stencil 10x18cm ~ Cobble Stone
  • Clear Stamp ~ Melody
  • Clear Stamp ~ Script Heart
  • Crystal Drops
  • Metal Microbeads ~ Summer Gold

Other Supplies:
6×8″ 2-Piece Framed Panel
Mini Resin Frame
Lavender Jeweled Beads
Lavender Microbeads
Lavender Prills
Lavender Chunky Glass Glitter
Clear Gesso
StazOn ~ Dove Gray Ink Pad
Versafine ~ Onyx Black Ink Pad
Real Brush Markers ~ Lilac, Light Violet, Mustard
Flutter Butterfly Stamps
Flutter Framelits Dies
Skeleton Leaves Thinlits Dies
Thin 3D Foam Squares ~ Black
450 Quick Dry Adhesive


I hope you’ve been inspired to grab your Little Birdie Crafts supplies to create a handcrafted gift for someone special in your life.

~ Blessings ~