Birthday Card

Hello friends! Today I, Inna Brigantina, will share my inspiration with you.

I made a card to complement a young girl’s birthday present.

Based on sheets of paper from the Aqua Medley collection

I cut out the silhouette of the girl using a plotter.

I cut out the base of the postcard from the sheets of paper. I used contrasting backgrounds.

I composed a layout, building it around the silhouette of the girl. For bright accents, I uses stickers from the set Best wishes Floral Embellishment 

Complementing the card with decorations from the set Poppies & Roses Ephemera Embellishment 

I drew out the rear side of the card and cut out the base from a plain cardboard

I glued everything together and my card for the girl is ready. I think she turned out to be pretty cute and romantic.

I wish you creative inspiration and great summer days, friends!

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