Botanical Card

Hello guys! Welcome! I’m Viviane Giovani from Brazil, I’m going to teach you a beautiful gift card, all decorated with papers, flowers, paints and lots of colors! Hope you like it and have a good class! Below, follow my social networks, I would love to see your project!
Step 1
First cut a white paper of 180gr measuring 30.5×15.5cm, fold it in half.
Choose two 15x15cm sheets from the Botanical Garden (6inx6in) -cardstock 24 sheets by Little Birdie and glue them to the white paper.
Step 2
I chose two sheets above of die cuts to cut out all the items to make overlays on the card.
With another sheet I cut out 14x5cm to make a band and glue it in the middle of the card.
Step 3
With one of the 15x15cm sheets, I made small cuts.
I love working with dies or a die cutting machine. I definitely recommend giving this technique and tool!
Step 4
Here I used the handmade Flowers by Little Birdie and the stone texture paste Crystal Sand by Little Birdie. The texture to make small dots on the paper and the flowers to decorate.
Step 5
To decorate the card I used Metal microbeads in Mystique Rose and Iced Slate by Little Birdie colors. I love these microbeads to Shane projects!
Step 6
I used satin ribbon to close the card (optional).
Glue the overlapping die cuts, glue small resins and insert the microbeads inside.
Glue the flowers in half, use the texture to decorate too!
The effect is sensational and the card is super delicate!
Little Birdie Products Used :
Botanical Garden cardstock Pack 6x6in
Metal microbeads Iced slate and Mystique rose
Stone Texture Paste Crystal sand
Handmade Flowers

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Thank you for being here and until the next project!
Creativity is in you!
Live like flowers: simple and full of colors.
Viviane Giovani

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