Sweet Treats for Summer Fun

Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine Can you believe the school year is coming to a close in just a few short weeks?  I have been tasked with putting together cupcakes and party favors for my fourth grader’s end of the year celebration.  The class wanted to have “cool” party, so we decided on an ice cream themed celebration!  I was able to make fun little party favor tags and cupcake toppers for the party with some fun products from Little Birdie Crafts and just a few minutes of work!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

 Cupcake Toppers

 Treat Cones

Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine Cupcake Toppers

Step 1: Adhere one Water Colour Self Adhesive Embellishment sticker to a tooth pick, and reapply the adhesive backing to re-cover the exposed adhesive.Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine Step 2: Place in cupcake.  I was able to make Ice Cream Cone shaped cupcakes for the party.  To do this, prepare cake mix according to package instructions and fill an ice cream cone 3/4 of the way full.  Bake according to package instructions.  Once the cupcakes have cooled, use a 1A frosting tip, and pipe frosting onto the cupcakes.  Start in the middle, swirl outward, and layer like ice cream.Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine

Treat Cones

Step 1: Cut out layered tags with die cutting machine.  I used my Cricut to cut the tags, and write the text, but you can also hand cut tags, write the text, and use a hole punch, if desired.Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine Step 2: Run the top layer of the tag through the Xyron Sticker Maker and carefully stick it on top of the larger Holiday Elements paper tag.Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine Step 3: Remove the paper backing from the Water Colour Ice Cream Cones and treats and apply to the tags.Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine Step 4: Make a sponge bomb with cut sponges and a zip tie.  (Cut a sponge into 4 long pieces, and stack 3 high – 12 sponge “sticks” total.  Zip tie them together in the middle as tight as you can and cut the excess zip tie off.  Fluff the sponge bomb)

Step 5: Fill a snow cone cup with treats; I filled it with allergy friendly candies and a coupon for a free Slurpee.Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine Step 6: Put the filled cone into a cello bag, and add the sponge bomb on top.  Tie the tag on with baker’s twine.Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine Step 7: As an option, you can tape the excess cello bag behind the cone to make it more of a cone shape.

The favor cones can be piled into a plastic bucket, or put in an ice cream cone stand.

We are just about ready for our fun End of the Year celebration, and we cannot wait to have a cool summer!Have a Cool Summer Everyday Party Magazine


You can find more fun party inspiration and tips from Jessica on her blog, Everyday Party Magazine.

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A Woodland Fairy Party

Nothing is quite as magical as fairies, and we’ve invited them to celebrate at this dazzling Woodland Fairy Party. This birthday idea is also fantastic as a theme party for any occasion. If you have an affinity for all things sparkly, magical and love to be surrounded by nature, this fairy party with all the trimmings is for you.

Get the Look:

All Signs Point to Magic

Guests are greeted  by this Enchanting Fairy Sign, which reads, “I believe in Fairies”. It’s a great starting point for young party attendees to read the statement aloud, and let the words float into the air. Hopefully, reaching the tiny ears of fairies who may be nearby.

Setting a Table with Nature in Mind

The table is decorated with wood tree slices, clusters of reindeer moss, and large, abundant flower blooms. Cupcakes, candies, and berries of the forest, all in coordinating colors, are nestled among the natural elements that give this table its charm, and bring the theme to life.

Fairy Berries, a Lovely Favor 

Each party guest has a formal place setting with a gold charger, white china plates, and a tulle fairy wand.

Above each place setting is a small party favor of a Fairy Berry Favor Box, with a captivating butterfly closure. Inside, sweet candy treats for now, or for later.

Magical Fairy Dwellings to Attract Surprise Guests

As every fairy expert knows, tiny magical beings love to have plenty of places to hide, especially where children are gathered together. Magical Fairy Dwellings are a practical solution, and look perfectly at home on our party table, and in the dessert display. Best of all, they’re a perfect garden accent or home decor piece when the celebrating has finished.

Treats and Sweets to Delight the Senses

Cupcakes iced with peachy pink icing and blush colored nonpareil sprinkles are offered to guests, and are placed together with fresh fruits like strawberries and raspberries.

Delectable Lindor Truffles, Sugarfina Birthday Cake Caramels and even miniature mushroom edible sweets are also part of the dazzling display. This festive table is filled with fantasy and delectable confections.

Celebrating Nature and the Charm of Fairies

Children and adults alike will adore this party theme for its unique and lovely color palette, creatively crafted decor items, and of course, the attention to all of the tiny details.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of our Woodland Fairy Party, and find some inspiration to leave a little sparkle wherever you go!


Christie Troxell is a Designer, Event Planner and the Design Team Lead for Little Birdie Crafts in the US. She believes in beautifying the world, one project at a time. Her motto is, “There are no rules; celebrate everything!” See more of Christie’s projects and parties at Ritzy Parties.




Enchanting Fairy Party Sign

Do you believe in fairies? You will once you get your hands on this charming party project! We’ve crafted up a fun idea for a woodland fairy party theme, in the form of this pretty accent sign that’s great for a party dessert table or at the head of the table. Get ready for magic and fun, because when you believe in fairies, anything can happen!

Here’s What You’ll Need:


Step 1: Adhere the light cardstock to the chipboard and press out any wrinkles in the paper, ensuring that the edges line up neatly, and cleanly.

Step 2: Apply the Wendy Paper Crafting Medley to the  lower right corner of the sign, as shown.

Step 4: Apply one large flower from the same Wendy Medley pack to the upper left corner of the sign, as shown.

Step 5: Remove the paper backing from the letters and apply to the sign, ensuring that your layout lines up properly. (this may take some pre-planning before adhering to the sign) The finished phrase is, “I believe in fairy magic.”

Step 6: Using glue, draw flourishes around the borders of the sign carefully, working in small sections, then coat with Dazzle Glitter Cocktail in Cosmopolitan and Tequila Sunrise for an ombre effect.


The completed sign can be leaned against a wall or placed in an easel. We added pretty pink wired ribbon in a serpentine wave around the outside of our sign.

Isn’t it lovely among the woodland treats and treasures at our Woodland Fairy Party? You’ll love to see the coordinating Magical Fairy Dwellings and Fairy Berry Favor Boxes we created to go with this, all stunningly displayed together at our Woodland Fairy Party!