Design Team Call – November 2020 to April 2021

Hello All!

Little Birdie is a brand that believes in keeping up with changing trends and bringing you the most awesome craft supplies year after year! All the talented people out there it’s your chance to join Little Birdie Crafts Design Team.

This Design Team Call for 6 months, stretching from November 2020 to April 2021. It is now officially open till September 20, 2020.

If you have been eagerly waiting to be a part of the team, this is the right time to respond. We are inviting talented, enthusiastic and committed designers and educators who love to create with our products. Whether you are a mixed media expert, a decoupage specialist, a paper crafter, watercolour artist, sculpture painting artist or a fluid painting artist, we would love to hear from you!

Why should you apply to our design team call? 

  • You get an attractive starter kit and a monthly Design Team Kit.
  • Fabulous web store discounts at for all your purchases as our exclusive Design Team member (T & C apply).
  • Promotion of your name and work on our social media channels including the Little Birdie blog, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Opportunity to collaborate with one of the world’s leading craft brands, store & manufacturer.
  • Custom watermark and badge to display on your blog and other social media channels.

This DT Call is open to Designers from around the World.

We’re looking for someone who…

  • Is excited about the products that Little Birdie carries and can help us express how wonderful they are to work with.
  • Is active on social media and has an established noticeable presence/ followers. This can be on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or a personal blog.
  • Is willing to promote our products on their personal blogs and/or social media accounts.
  • Has proficiency in English. Can write clear, simple, step-by-step directions.
  • Has the ability to create 2 projects (which included one video) every month using our products that inspire our customers and show them all the incredible things they can do with them.
  • Is comfortable interacting with customers on social media.
  • Is a team player and promotes the work of other DT members from the Design Team on social media platforms regularly.
  • Stellar photography skills and YouTube video skills.
  • 1 step by step pictorial and 1 video every month for the blog channel is mandatory.
  • You should have the knack of promoting our products.
  • You should be able to inspire the audience with beautiful and unique projects by using products creatively in new styles, with new techniques to grab the attention of the audience.

The application process:

• If you are interested in joining the creative team, you must post your creations with #littlebirdiedtcall on Facebook and Instagram.

Send us the following details on

1. Name, address & contact number.

2. A single paragraph telling us a little about yourself & why you think you will be a great addition to the team.

3. Are you on any other design teams? If yes, please share details, also stating when you can join (if selected).

4. Your areas of expertise (E.g. Watercolour art, mixed media, card making, scrapbooking, decoupage, sculpture painting, fluid art, journaling or anything else)

5. Links to your blog & any other social media account.

Thereafter, we will get back to you if you are select for the final Design Team.

All the best

Altered Vintage -Steampunk Clock

Hello Little Birdie friends Hilda her! Today I made an altered clock.
First I selected a cardboard house shape and a pedestal.
I started with giving them a coat of black gesso, then I applied mixed media paste with a stencil.
Once dry, I applied another coat of black gesso to cover the stencil and I started to paste all the elements with Gum Arabic. I chose two clock chipboards, and other elements like gears and metal embellishments.
Then glued some flowers and decorate with craft pellets.
Once dry, I covered the flowers and pellets with black gesso.
To finish it off, I added brown and then Passionate Plum acrylic chalk paint with dry brush technique and gave some touches of Caribbean Teal metallic paint, Antique Gold and Cooper Blaze waxes.
And that’s it! I hope you like it. I will see you soon.
Here are some close – ups

Little Birdie Crafts Supplies:

“Smile” Mixed Media Wooden Heart

Hello dear Little Birdie Crafts Fans! It’s Tracey back to share a mixed media home decor piece I created with this wooden heart featuring fussy cut images from the fabulous ‘Poppies & Roses’ collection paired with an assortment of gorgeous Little Birdie Crafts flowers including the ‘Celebrate Life’ and ‘Shabby Chic Bouquet’ collections as well as others. Be sure to check out my Tips and Techniques section for all the details including how I tweaked the colour of the flowers to perfectly coordinate with the paper images.

Tips and Techniques:

Lightly brush the wooden heart with a thin layer of white gesso. I wanted a whitewashed look, so used a very light touch.

Tip: Sometimes gesso can thicken up if you have had it for a while, so thin it down with some water if needed.

I used 220 grit sandpaper to rub off some of the paint to add to the distressed look, particularly around the edges and high spots. Any similar grit sandpaper would work just fine.

I dry brushed very lightly with Butternut Squash Chalk Paint to add just a little color.

Don’t you just adore the amazing stencil designs offered by Little Birdie Crafts? I used this Fleur-de-lis Trellis stencil with Grainy Texture Paste to add a grungy, gritty background. First I stenciled the right side of the heart, and let it dry, then flipped the stencil and repeated on the left side. Most of the center of the heart will be covered up, so it’s okay if it isn’t a perfect match.

Tip: Be sure to wash your stencils right away, so the medium doesn’t have a chance to dry and fill in the beautiful design. Once dry, most stenciling mediums can be difficult if not impossible to remove.

Thin down a little gesso and add spatter droplets across the heart, especially around the edges where they will be more visible. I like to use a thin brush with long bristles like this liner brush.

Select gorgeous Little Birdie Flowers to use on the heart. Here you see Celebrate Life: Marisa and Rosalind; Shabby Chic Queenie and Micro Roses; Elsie Carnation; and Beaded Micro Petals.

So you may have noticed that the flowers I selected are more pink than the images in the Poppies and Roses paper collection. To give them a more peachy/coral look, I mixed some white gesso into a dollop of Butternut Squash Chalk Paint (about 3 parts Butternut Squash to 1 part White Gesso). Then I used a fan brush to dry brush across the pink flowers. Once dry I very lightly dry brushed with more plain White Gesso. The remaining white and beige flowers are dry brushed with White Gesso. I always enjoy tweaking my colors so that they coordinate nicely with the other elements.

Fussy cut images from the 12×12″ and 6×6″ Poppies & Roses Paper sets. I knew right away that I wanted the window to be a focal point on the heart and selected other images that worked well with the window.

Yes, Little Birdie Chipboard comes pre-primed, but sometimes I still like to add another coat of white gesso. Here I wanted the cogs to be pure white on the project. I also want to paint the thistle and smile pieces, so a white base coat helps the color to be pure.

Sometimes you don’t have the exact color of paint you need for a project. That’s when I take a good look around my studio to see what I have that will work. While I like the Butternut Squash color, I wanted it just a little more red, so added just a drop or two of Hot Pink Color Splash and a little white gesso to lighten it up to get the perfect color. The Wild Wasabi was brighter than the other greens in the printed images, so I darkened this sentiment piece with Glimmer Moss Metallic Wax.

I had a few metal elements in my stash that I thought would look nice on this heart, but they were made of different types and colors of metal, so I brushed them with white gesso.

I painted them again with a mix of Butternut Squash Chalk Paint and White gesso. Once the paint was good and dry, I rubbed them with Copper Blaze and Antique Gold Metallic Waxes. My Antique Gold went missing when it was time to take the photo.

Now that my elements and flowers are ready to go, I arranged everything and used Silicon Glue to adhere. The Window piece is popped up down the center with a thing strip of foam tape, leaving room around the edges to tuck chipboard and fussy cut images underneath. I replaced the original twine hanger with a length of beautiful Little Birdie Braided Jute Twine.

Tip: Twine likes to fray on the ends and can be difficult to get back through the holes. Add a drop of Silicon glue to the cut end of your twine and twist it in your fingers to form a slim round end. This will make it much easier to thread through the hole.

I went back and filled in a few places with Mini Craft Pellets adhered with Matte Soft Gel Medium to finish the piece.

More Close-Ups:

  • Other Supplies
  • Fab Lab – Wooden Heart
  • Metal Ornate Photo Corner
  • White Lace
  • Gold Rhinestones
  • Feathers
  • Metal Wing Charms
  • Metal Gear Charm
  • 220 Grit Sandpaper

I hope you’ve been inspired to grab your fabulous Little Birdie Crafts supplies to create something beautiful and creative!

~ Blessings ~