crescent moon

Hello friends! Today I, Inna Brigantina, will show you a decorative panel as an inspiration. The shape of the crescent moon, the face of a beautiful girl and the magical palette make my project a bit mysterious. In order not to work with background coloring for a long time, I took a sheet of paper from the Aqua Medley kit and simply traced my blank with a pencil. I cut it out with scissors. The shape of the crescent moon is very simple, so it’s easy to do even for a beginner.

To complicate the background a bit, I applied Stone Texture Paste-Barley Crunch via a stencil. I painted the drawing with acrylic paints.

For the composition I will need rose leaves. I made them using stamps and cut out with the coordinating cutting dies that are included in the set. By the way, for stamping I use negatives left over from decorative clippings from the same set of paper.

I tint some of the leaves with Sparkle Paste Mulberry Glaze to maintain the colors in my palette.

I choose a suitable picture and compose a composition of flowers, leaves and cutting elements. It looks like this process is actually a little magical, because I almost never manage to capture it in a photo)))

I slightly cover the finished composition with magic pollen / glitter, add ribbons and admire the result. I hope friends, you too will get inspiration from my project. And to make your work beautiful, I leave you a list of materials from our store.

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