Enchanting Fairy Party Sign

Do you believe in fairies? You will once you get your hands on this charming party project! We’ve crafted up a fun idea for a woodland fairy party theme, in the form of this pretty accent sign that’s great for a party dessert table or at the head of the table. Get ready for magic and fun, because when you believe in fairies, anything can happen!

Here’s What You’ll Need:


Step 1: Adhere the light cardstock to the chipboard and press out any wrinkles in the paper, ensuring that the edges line up neatly, and cleanly.

Step 2: Apply the Wendy Paper Crafting Medley to the  lower right corner of the sign, as shown.

Step 4: Apply one large flower from the same Wendy Medley pack to the upper left corner of the sign, as shown.

Step 5: Remove the paper backing from the letters and apply to the sign, ensuring that your layout lines up properly. (this may take some pre-planning before adhering to the sign) The finished phrase is, “I believe in fairy magic.”

Step 6: Using glue, draw flourishes around the borders of the sign carefully, working in small sections, then coat with Dazzle Glitter Cocktail in Cosmopolitan and Tequila Sunrise for an ombre effect.


The completed sign can be leaned against a wall or placed in an easel. We added pretty pink wired ribbon in a serpentine wave around the outside of our sign.

Isn’t it lovely among the woodland treats and treasures at our Woodland Fairy Party? You’ll love to see the coordinating Magical Fairy Dwellings and Fairy Berry Favor Boxes we created to go with this, all stunningly displayed together at our Woodland Fairy Party!



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