Mini Album – Moments to Celebrate

Welcome to the tutorial of this beautiful Mini Album! I am Viviane Giovani and I am very happy to be part of this time and to be able to teach this charming and creative project. Hope you like it. I used the Little Birdie Crafts, collection of laces, flowers and some embellishments. A mini album with technique of binding. Below are photos, details and materials used. Thank you and good class! I hope I can inspire you.

I started by cutting out the elements like flowers, birds and butterflies.

Then I chose the sheets to bind the chipboard covers.

All size pages: 6×8 in

Now let’s see the pages and their embellishments.

First page: I put a card, a tag (cut with nesting dies), and put it with a lace. I also inserted a photo frame in size 4x6in. On four pages I glued a blue lace.

On this second page: I put 3 cards 4x6in, die cuts, lace and a small envelope.

Third page: mini card, flowers, die cuts, butterfly made with nesting die, 1 interactive page 12x6in trimed 4x4x4in.

Fourth page: mini card, flowers, die cuts, 2 pages 4x6in incidente a pocket, I used the nesting die tag and a decorative pompom clips.

On the fifth page: I put a 4x4in envelope with 2 cards in a small pocket. Butterflies, flowers and die cuts to decorate.

Sixth page: 2 cards for 4x6in photos, a mini card. All placed in a white lace pocket for a charming look!

On the seventh page: I tied the page with a waxed thread and two beads. I inserted an interactive 12x4in page into the wire and folded it in half. I glued die cuts to decorate!

Let’s decorate the cover with beautiful details!

On the cover I made overlays with die cuts, flowers, wood, pearls and lace.

I painted the resin with icy glaze metallic wax and put some iced slate metal microbeads.

I bound the mini album with The Cinch using ¾ wire-o.

I put tassel, pompom and beads on a chain.

Little Birdie Products Used :
Metallic wax icy glaze

Hardware flower english roses artic ice

Hardware flower – Serenade, Ocean Mist

Aqua Medley collection printed cardstock Pack 12x12in

Metal microbeads iced slate my profile for more crafty project inspirations.

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Thank you for being here and until the next project!

Creativity is in you!

Live like flowers: simple and full of colors.

Viviane Giovani

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