Mixed Media Burlap Canvas

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Today I would like to invite you for a step by step walk-through of how to make a media picture using things that you like the most, gel medium, black gesso and metallic paints and waxes. When creating this work, it felt a little magical when applying paint or wax till the end. All the details of the work became so visible when the project got over!

Here is my completed work.

Let’s begin the process…
To start with, we need to prepare the foundation on which we will work. Here I have a ready painting board covered with burlap.

Through the stencil, we require to apply texture pastes as we please. I always try to add a pattern on the sides of my composition. After I applied the pastes, I waited for them to harden.

I created the composition with the help of gel medium,  cardboard, decorative flowers, metal parts, gauze, beads and pebbles. I waited long enough for the gel medium to dry well.

Next, I painted the whole work with black gesso. While doing this, if you feel the composition is not well covered, repeat this step. Let the gesso dry up.

Now the magic begins!!
Use a dry brush to apply a small amount of metallic paint to the places chosen by you. Remember to load the with only a small amount of paint, which will be wiped gently onto the protruding elements. If you want, you can additionally strengthen the effect with wax.
And that’s how my work details look.

Used materials

Keep crafting!!
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