Monochromatic Aqua Tag

Hello folks!

I am back after quiet some time today. Hoping you all missed me though 😛

Sometimes the best way to go is monochromatic. Today I felt like aqua 😉 For this project, I used some stencil, watercolors and different Little Birdie flowers in aqua shades.

We starting with watercolor paper tag. Mine have nice and sturdy chipboard base. Place the stencil on your paper and fill in with watercolors. When watercolor is nice and dry, just draw in some of the stencil shapes with a black pen – with watercolor you will not get perfect impression on your paper but with pen you can bring back pattern to your design.

Next step would be building composition from flowers. I used some roses to and to add fluff to some of the flowers, I removed centers and stuck two flowers together – they will be more dimensional and more fluffy.

When you are happy with your flowers, add some drops of dimensional pearls.

On pieces like this, hand journaling looks great; but I decided to add some motivational stickers

Best regards and have a nice day 🙂

–Olga Heldwein

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