Magical Fairy Dwellings

If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the musical laughter of tiny fairies coming from our Magical Fairy Dwellings. These enchanted abodes are a perfect decoration for a Woodland Fairy Party, and make a lovely garden or home decor accent. Be sure to use lots of glitter, that’s the secret to attracting fairies!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Paint the exterior walls of each birdhouse as desired. We used DecoArt craft acrylics in Cotton Candy and Coral Blush.

Step 2: Add moss to the roof and sides of the houses in clusters, to make them resemble rustic woodland cottages. Add some of the Olivia Paper Crafting Medley flower and leaves, as well.

Step 3: We added lots of glitter to our design, to give it sparkle and attract fairies. We also perched a lovely feather butterfly on the roof.

Each magical fairy dwelling is completely unique, so have fun, and be creative! Add scraps of ribbon or gems that you might have in your craft stash. Anything special or sparkly will do.

These little woodland fairy homes are the perfect party decoration at our Woodland Fairy Party.  For more fun and charming party inspiration, don’t miss our Fairy Berry Favor Boxes and Enchanted Fairy Party Sign.

Fairy Berry Favor Boxes

These charming little favors, created by our Design Team member Christie Troxell, are the perfect take-away gift idea for a fairy themed party. They glitter and shine with pretty flowers and a darling butterfly closure. We’ve provided all the steps to create these Fairy Berry Favor Boxes yourself.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Assemble the boxes as shown.

Step 2: Wrap each box with a strip of the orange scrapbook paper and adhere securely with glue.

Step 3: Wrap a length of the crochet trim around the box, and adhere with glue, as well, being sure to place the finish seam at the back of the box. Attach two flowers with glue, as shown.

Step 4: Create labels by trimming four small oval shapes, and hand writing the phrase, “Fairy Berries” on each. Draw a bead of glue around the edges of the label and dip in glitter. Attach to front of the box with glue.

Step 5: Fill the boxes with candy or treats that coordinate with this fun party theme. We used sour gummy drops, but any bite sized candy would work well.

At the party, we displayed each favor atop a mini wood slice. The children were delighted to open their treats and enjoy a bit of fairy magic!

If you enjoyed this project, please take a look at our Magical Fairy Dwellings and Enchanting Fairy Party Sign. They’re all part of our delightful Woodland Fairy Party, that’s filled with the beauty of nature, and the magic of celebrating special occasions with family and friends.