Spring Gift Box

Hello friends! A real spring has finally come to us, and today I, Inna Brigantina, want to share an option for decorating a gift box.

Probably each of us has some unfinished and forgotten projects. So I had a box made of ordinary white cardboard for a long time.

I decided to paste paper over it from the set Aqua Medley Card Stock.
I cut out the strips to size, and pasted over the box from the outside and the inside.

Because the paper is very thick, my box also became strong and reliable.

I wanted to decorate the lid of the box with a flower arrangement. Prepare everything you need when you want to decorate something. I painted the chipboard frame in a suitable color with chalk paint.

I also painted the branches from the chipboard set Laurel Spray

I chose a card with a beautiful flowering branch as the base of the composition.

I made a spring bouquet with flowers, leaves, twigs and cut pictures. I wanted to add delicate shades of yellow.

Some finishing touches…. and my box is ready. You can give it to someone very special, or you can store some memorabilia in it.

You can see here a small video review of the box:

Here is a list of the products I have used:


I hope friends, you are in a great spring mood. Thank you for being with me today.

Inna Brigantina

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