Bright and Fun Postcards

Good morning crafty friends,

I wanted to send out some cards, so I made a few with all the happy colors!

All the little papers you have leftover are perfect to make a cluster, a cute quote and you have the perfect card to sensibility as happy mail!

So use your scraps❤️
lots of love Suzanne

Youth ‘Pop It’ Card

Hi friends, today I, Inna Brigantina is sharing with you my new creative idea.

You know that the youth ‘pop it’ toy is now popular all over the world. Why not make a greeting card in the same style?

For the base, I cut out cardboard in the shape of an ice cream /ice pop / popsicle. I also cut small circles with a diameter of 2.2 cm from plain paper.

I divide the whole card into identical strips. Their height equals the height of the round elements with a small margin.

I glued narrow strips of cardboard and covered the base with Acrylic Gesso- White

I coloured the postcard using Acrylic Matt Chalk Paint Set 

For the inscription I used Clear Stamps

I glued the painted parts of the card to the base. The cute card is ready!

I hope friends, you had a lot of fun with me today))
Hug, Inna Brigantina

Magic Keepsake Box

Hello, Little birdie fans!

I am Neena Arora is here on the blog with a magic keepsake box. Life is full of surprises and you never know what it has in its folds. So, always believe that day of life is good but ” The best is yet to come”.

If you wish to gift something different to your loved ones then this magic box can be the best gift. This magic box has a little surprise inside and you can store some precious memories inside it.

I have used black cardstock for creating a 4″x4″ skeleton box.

Basic process:

  • Cover the box inside and outside with 3.75″x3.75″ pattern paper.
  • Next, using double-sided tape paste the doily cutouts on each flap.
  • Next, build the composition in the centre by first adding some sisal or coconut fibre. Then paste the wood twig, add nest, some eggs.
  • Add fussy cuts of birds and birdhouse in the composition.
  • Next, add some flowers and berries to beautify the composition.
  • Next, decorate the lid with shabby ribbon, flowers, log piece and sticker frame
  • Then apply a dry brush of white Gesso all over the composition.

To adorn the composition add some glitters, art stones, and pearls.

Let’s have a look at more photos.

The Little Birdie products I have used:

Many thanks!

Neena Arora