Floral Heart Pocket

Hi friends! Tonya here with a heart pocket decoration that is fitting for the month of February. Since February is the month of Love, I wanted to do something that I could keep out after Valentine’s Day is over and it be used as a wall decoration. So lets get started.

Here’s What You Need:

Step 1

Gather your supplies.

Step 2

I cut from the Sizzix Heart Pocket diecut two heart and the pocket from patterned cardstock. The reason I cut two hearts out I wanted to make the back a little bit more sturdy. Also if you can’t find the diecut google heart patterns and print one off as a pattern in any size you want. All you have to do to create the pocket is cut one of the hearts in half. Once I adhered the heart and pocket together I added Ric Rac Ribbon around the back side of the heart.

Step 3

I cut a 12 inch piece of pink ribbon and adhered to the top of the heart to create a hanger. I threaded two white buttons and covered the ends of the ribbon. Next I painted both the heart and cherub chipboard pieces in Pink Ballet and Tattered Lace Chalk Paint. Once dry I embossed the heart to give it texture, lightly inked the edges along with the cherub. I cut two 3 inches pieces of each of the white lace and pink ric rac  and tied off in the center.

Step 4

I cut a piece of white lace and adhered to the lip of the pocket. Next I cut a piece of white paper trim down and added to the lace. The trim is self adhesive so no worries on trying to be neat when applying adhesive.

Step 5

I adhered the heart on the corner of the pocket, folded the ric rac and lace in half and adhered next to the heart along with a pink flower, the white rose that I  deconstructed (I only wanted to use the bud) and the cherub. I loosely added some bunched up thread for interest.

Step 6

I rolled the leftover white roses that I had deconstructed to create buds and adhered to the upper corner of the heart along with two pieces of white lace and one piece of pink ric rac and wadded up thread to finish off my heart pocket.

All that is needed now is more candy and a card and it is ready to be given as a gift and once empty it can be hung up as decoration.

Thanks for stopping by, hope your day is wonderful and enjoy creating!

Altered Snowman Box

Hi everyone! Tonya here with a fun altered box project just in time for Christmas.

I have a collection of cell phone boxes that I wanted to alter and I finally broke one out and decided to use some of my Little Birdie Craft stash to create a snowman theme gift box.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Step 1

Gather the Tattered Lace and Tattered French Rose Mat Chalk Acrylic Paints, sponge brush and paint tray.

Step 2

Before painting the SmoothFoam 2″ Ball, lightly sand any ridges, apply two coats of  Tattered Lace paint and let dry.

Step 3

Apply two coats of  Tattered Lace to the Laser Cut Wreath and let dry.

Step 4

Lightly apply a coat of mint green chalk ink over the wreath. Next use the end of a paint brush and dip dot Tattered French Rose to create berries on the wreath.

Step 5

Fold the 4″ pastel pink doily in half and continue to fold until it looks like a fan. Run a bead of Zip Dry glue to the outer edge and sprinkle Vanilla Sparkling Dotties.

Step 6

Cut and glue patterned cardstock to cover verbiage on the lid. Next add white 4″ doily, the pastel pink doily and wreath to the lid.

Step 7

Cut two 4″ pieces of White Crochet Ribbon 2cm and tie together. This will be the snowman’s scarf.

Step 8

Before adding the scarf, glue two black Dew Drops and a carrot nose to the snowman head. Next apply Mod Podge to the whole head and sprinkle fine clear glitter and let dry. Now add Pink Ric Rac Ribbon 7mm trim to each side of the lid. Wrap each side of the lace scarf around the “neck” of the snowman.

Step 9

Loop and tie off cording and thread and glue under the lace scarf. Next deconstruct a mint green flower from the Spring Button Paper Daisies  and roll one of the flowers to create a bud and glue both to the side of the snowman’s neck along with holly leaf diecut.

Step 10

Draw a circle onto a piece of vintage sheet music, cut out, fold in half, roll to create a hat and glue together. Add a bead of adhesive around the bottom of the hat and sprinkle Vanilla Sparkling Dotties.

Step 11

Glue the hat to the snowman’s head and you are finished!

Now all I need to do is add a present and it will be ready to give as a gift…or maybe I will keep it??? Who knows!

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions about this project please let me know.


Hope your day is wonderful and enjoy creating!

Tonya Trantham