This Princess Tag is Bursting With Flowers

This Princess tag is bursting with flowers!!

I just couldn’t help myself; when a vintage girl gets an envelope full of various goodies from Little Birdie Crafts it’s very difficult to not want to use it all on one thing.

Look at this pile of goodies! Keep reading to see this princess tag. And, click HERE to see another project with some fine gentlemen friends.

Now, I didn’t use it all; but trust me, I sure did try hard.  Tags are so fun and a great topper for a gift.  Just add a nice piece of cardstock on the back side and write a note or print something pretty up.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

The completed Princess tag will measure 6″ x 3″ and would look so lovely on a holiday gift for a young lady.


Never be afraid to layer on your projects.  Pull out all your supplies and place them down without adhering them, first and move it around until it looks good.  Often, I will take a quick picture so I can remember.  I take it off and put aside in the layers so that I can put it back together the way I like it.

I always use recycled materials for my tags, I love using the packaging if it is appropriate and Little Birdie Crafts definitely thought about their beautiful packaging and how it could be upcycled.  I cut down the sides to make the right size tag, this one is 6″ x 3.”  I inked the edges to give it a more vintage look.

I then added the inked chipboard on the left side of the tag so that it hung over the edge so that it would not get lost among all the flowers.  Add ribbon/trim, Princess stickers and of course this beautiful pearl trim.

You Can Change Colors!

Whenever you have a light or white colored embellishment, remember you can always change its color.  I wanted to bring some more green into the tag to collaborate with the leaves more, so I used some paint and boom, its green!  The other flowers have small round silver balls that I adhered, then painted the same way.

Who Will It Be For?

Add some beautiful trim to the top to complete the tag and its ready to share with someone special.

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