Youth ‘Pop It’ Card

Hi friends, today I, Inna Brigantina is sharing with you my new creative idea.

You know that the youth ‘pop it’ toy is now popular all over the world. Why not make a greeting card in the same style?

For the base, I cut out cardboard in the shape of an ice cream /ice pop / popsicle. I also cut small circles with a diameter of 2.2 cm from plain paper.

I divide the whole card into identical strips. Their height equals the height of the round elements with a small margin.

I glued narrow strips of cardboard and covered the base with Acrylic Gesso- White

I coloured the postcard using Acrylic Matt Chalk Paint Set 

For the inscription I used Clear Stamps

I glued the painted parts of the card to the base. The cute card is ready!

I hope friends, you had a lot of fun with me today))
Hug, Inna Brigantina

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