Miniature Flower Bouquet, perfect for American Girl Dolls

Miniatures are taking the arts and crafts industry by storm, and this diminutive bouquet designed for dolls like American Girl dolls, are a popular project for paper crafters. It’s not hard at all to create tiny recreations of real life items like this bouquet of tiny pink roses. Aren’t they sweet with their blend of open flowers and tiny buds? We’ve provided step by step instructions for you to create your very own version of this mini flower bouquet for yourself; and maybe one for a friend!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Gather your materials and remove from packaging. Arrange three rose buds as shown and twist the stems together to hold them in place.

Step 2:  Add two of the large roses at the top, as shown.

Step 3: Add leaves, using the wire stems of the flowers to hold in place.

Step 4: Continue adding flowers, keeping the general arrangement in mind. Ensure that the arrangement is symmetrical and even in silhouette.

Step 5: Add additional leaves and use washi tape to secure the arrangement together.

Step 6: Run a bead of hot glue onto the washi as shown, then wrap with the wide ribbon. Ruffle it around the base of the arrangement using hot glue to secure each ruffle.

Step 7: Using the medium ribbon, hand tie french knots from the base of the bouquet to the top. The method for how to tie a french knot is demonstrated in the images below.

Step 9: Trim the narrow dotted ribbon into various lengths and knot. Trim the ends and adhere to the base of the bouquet at the center, as shown.

Step 10: Bend the stems up and under the ribbon, then glue in place to protect your hands from any sharp ends protruding from the arrangement.

The completed bouquet is bursting with beautiful pink rose blooms and buds, and whimsical green leaves. This little beauty is ready for pretend play with your favorite American Girl Dolls, and also makes a lovely gift embellishment for a friend or loved one. Add a pin back to the reverse side for a wearable paper flower corsage, or, add a magnet for instant darling refrigerator decor.

Thanks for visiting and until next time, remember to celebrate everything!


As always, remember to celebrate everything!



Rusty Gear Decor

Hello friends! Do you love rusty gears and junk? I do!!! I love grungy, rusty no good junk! Sometimes you just don’t have the right rusty piece you need, with Little Birdies Chipboard Gears you can make your own RUSTY GOODNESS!

Here is what you will need:

  1. Gather all materials. Adhere paper onto wood. Using a palette knife add texture paste over the Little Birdie Brick Wall Stencil. Let dry.

2. Dab on texture sand paste over all gears.

3. Crush up some Frisco Flakes and adhere randomly to gears. Let dry.

4. Lightly add some Paynes Grey to gears and let dry. Dab some black on randomly. Let dry.

5. Lightly brush on Quinacridone Gold and watch the magic. RUST! I love the way the Frisco Flakes looks like the rust is chipping off.

6. Add Titan Buff over the dried textured paste. Let dry just a bit and wipe back with a baby wipe. Wipe Distress ink pad over the top and blend with sponge or paper towel.

7. Adhere paper door and gears, flowers. Add miscellaneous brads. Distress edges.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my Rusty piece!


Refresh Your Home for Summer with these Chic Denim Pillows

Summer has arrived, yay! With the arrival of summer you may be wanting to refresh your home and bring a cool, casual element into your décor.  Denim is a timeless, classic and totally on trend choice!

Denim pillows and furnishings are an easy way to create a welcoming, fresh summer vibe. For a bold, bohemian look, revamp your pillows with fabulous denim accents from Little Birdie Crafts.  Their range of dark blue through to white washed denim flowers and other embellishments are sure to give your home a relaxed sense of calm and serenity.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Little Birdie Denim Accents

*Denim Beaded Butterflies 6pcs are also a pretty alternative to flowers

**I also chose one with a simple indigo wash line down the middle

Step 1: Gather your materials, and start by pressing/ironing the pillow cover.

Step 2: Decide on the placement of the denim flowers and/or denim strip on your pillow cover. I suggest smaller flowers on the outside edges, larger in the central portion of the design.

Step 3: Peel off any sticky foam backings (some flowers have these for easy attachment to paper, we are going to attach more permanently)

Step 4: Once you are happy with the layout, use fabric glue to adhere the flowers and/or strip of denim to the pillow cover. This will create a solid lasting attachment.


The denim strip can be glued (for an easy no sew option) or stitched onto the pillow.  I left mine without a finishing hem, retaining a more distressed, casual look.

Step 5. Fill the cover with a pillow, if any part of the pillow looks too empty, add additional flowers with fabric glue.

You may also wish to create a design on the reverse side of the pillow.

Consider other fun denim accents like butterflies for a whimsical look!

Vary the shades of denim you use to subtly adopt the trend without overwhelming the space. Then, layer the finished pillows with more neutral and indigo accent pillows, choose contrasting stripes, faux fur textures and quirky patterned blankets for a true boho look!

The finished pillows are just the right accessory to a seating area or bedroom. Prioritize comfort and cozy! All the supplies you need to create these beautiful denim pillow accents are available at Little Birdie Crafts.

Stay on trend this summer, and enjoy this fun and easy refresh! – Natalie