Glittery Mermaid Crown

I’m in love with the new mermaid trend!  Who doesn’t dream of being a mermaid…and every mermaid needs a crown!  This crown was so easy, and so fun to make.  It would be a great project for children and adults.  This project requires only a few supplies as well.  I used an already glittered and crepe paper crown, real shells, glitter, glue, and beautiful flowers.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Glitter Crown Base (Craft store or Etsy)
  • Jasper Blossom, Hot Pink
  • Embossed Daisies, French Carnival
  • Fairy Dust Glitter in Sheer Rose
  • Orange and Blue Glitter (Craft store)
  • 5 Sea Shells.  I used the flat shells, but any shell can be used.  You will need to choose two small shells, two medium shells, and one large for the top of your crown.(Craft store)
  • Craft Glue (Craft store)
  • Glitter Tray (Craft store)
  • Paint Brush (Craft store)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks

Step 1:  Cover your shells in glue.  I used Aileen’s tacky glue which is usually my go to glue.  It is easy to use and it dries clear.  I dilute my glue with a little bit of warm water to make it easier to brush on.  Use your paintbrush and cover the entire shell with glue.Step 2:  Glitter your shell!  Choose three colors of glitter, any color, have fun with it!  I chose hot pink, blue and orange.  Dust one color of glitter on the top portion of your shells.  I chose hot pink for the tips of the shells.  This color is Little Birdie’s Rainbow Dust in “Rose Quartz”.  I have used MANY different brands of glitter over the years, but I have to say this glitter from Little Birdie Crafts is the best!  It is very shimmery and pretty.  Step 2:  Add more glue if needed, and dust on your second color of glitter.  I used orange from my craft store.  I like the ombre look so after I applied the orange glitter, I used my paint brush to blend the line together where both colors meet.Step 3:  Add your third color to the bottom of your shells.  Here I used blue from my local craft store.  I let the other two colors dry completely before I applied the blue.  I added a second coat of glue with my paint brush to blend everything together as I did in the last step.  If you need to add more glitter for a brighter look, add it now.  There is nothing wrong with a ton of glitter, add as much as you’d like!  Once your glitter is all set, let your shells dry completely.Step 4:  Choose a crown base.  I used one I had on hand, but they are sold online, or in Hobby Lobby in the “Princess Party” department.  It doesn’t have to be any specific shape or size, just make sure you have something to glue your shells to.  Using your glue gun, glue the back sides of the shells and add them to the base of your crown.  

This is what your crown will look like after gluing all of the shells to it.  I decided it needed a little more glam, flare, color….

Step 5:  I used some of the amazing flower packs from Little Birdie Crafts.  Their selection is better than any craft store I’ve been to.  The colors pop, and the pearl centers make the flowers look oh so pretty!  Just glue them on anywhere you wish!  Now you are ready to hit the beach with your mermaid crown.  These crowns would be perfect for a mermaid themed party or baby shower too.  They would make a fun project for all ages!

Check out Little Birdie for other fun additions to your crowns such as butterflies, tags for the name of your guests, ribbon to attach it, the possibilities are endless!  Remember, have fun with your crown and make it your own!



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