Creative Gift Wrap

Hey crafty friends! I have PRESENTS for you! Just kidding. But I do have a few fun ways to wrap presents! I get so tired of handing over gifts in the standard gift bag with tissue paper poking out the top. So boring! Let’s go for something a little more cute.

Here’s what you’ll need:

I had this funny mustache card game to give to a friend, and what better way to dress it up than with these darling glittery mustache mini embellishments!

Here is my little gift, all tied up and mustachioed! I am so tempted to take the rest of these mustaches and stick them all over our framed family pictures. Wonder if my family would notice?

I have a bunch of teenage girls, so I was pretty excited about these trendy little feathers and dream catchers. My girls love this stuff! And these are super cute. I used these along with some lacy ribbon to create a set of really cute tiny round boxes.

I attached the ribbon with a tape runner, but a dot of glue would also work just fine. The sticker embellishments just stick right on! Here are my three variations.

Feathers for my little bohemian girl:

Dream catcher for my dreamer:



Music notes for my musician:

I love those little burlap flowers, and guess what? You can add color to them so easily with markers!

Here is how this turned out on a tiny drawstring bag. So cute for a tiny little “just because” gift.

Oh, by the way…I couldn’t resist.


Happy crafting


5 Fun ways to use DIY Halloween Embellishments

How awesome is Halloween! I just love this time of year and all that spooks!

These chipboard embellishments from Little Birdie Crafts are my new favorite embellishments for Halloween.  They are so versatile, I’m giving you five fun ways to use them once we have added a little Halloween glam!

Here are a few simple steps for adding a little sparkle and shine to these super cute (scary!) Halloween chipboard embellishments.

What you will need:


  • Glue (Craft Store)
  • Paint (Craft Store)
  • Paintbrush (Craft Store)
  • Glitter Tray (Craft Store)
  • Tweezers (Craft Store)


Step 1. Paint chipboard with black paint and let dry.

Step 2. Add craft glue using a brush (this controls the area you want to add glitter too).   Then shake the orange shimmer onto the glue.

Step 2a.  Use glue with a dropper and add glue to the “eye” spots, wings or spider body of the chipboard embellishments. Then using tweezers add the sparkling dotties.

Step 3. Shake off all excess shimmer and dotties.  Use a glitter tray to catch the excess, then you can pour the unused shimmer and dotties back into the bottles.

Step 4. Now it’s time to stick them to all the things! They come with a foam back sticker already on them so are super easy to apply.  I added them to Straws, Photo frames, Gift Tags, Clips,  and Chalkboard Labels


That is it! Look how super easy this is and so super cute!!!!

Check out Little Birdie for other fun embellishments, a great range of paint colors, stickers and ribbons.  Can’t wait to see what you make!


Spooky Art With Spooky Chipboard Accents!

I am so geared up for Halloween, are you? Last post, I brought to you the Halloween Chipboard Treat Bags! (you can find that post HERE) This post I am sharing how to change a scrapbook paper into a piece of art with the same Chipboard pieces from Little Birdie Crafts! There are so many ways to use these little beauties! I am all about decorating every nook and cob web in the house. You can easily add these Chipboard to frames around the house to give them some Halloween flavor. Use them on fabric or paper and wrap the silverware in them. I could go on and on but, I would rather share how to make this fun project.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

These are so spectacular I wanted to give a close up! So, so fun!!!

Step 1. Blot some color in on the paper with the watercolors.

Step 2. Use colored pencils to color and deepen edges of each area. It can be a bit messy, these colors will be blended.

Step 3. Using a blending stump, blend colored pencils by dipping stump into Gamsol and blending in small circles on your paper.

Step 4.  Adhere chipboard. Paint chipboard with Little Birdie Chalk paint. Add details using a fine line waterproof marker. (line for spider)

Step 5. Trim paper to fit into frame. Add to frame.

This is going to be so fun for one of my displays! What do you think?

Off to scare up some more spooky fun! Bwahahahaha!

Thanks for stopping by.