Chunky Glitter Shaker Card

Hello All! My name is Tania Ahmed and I am delighted to be sharing a creation as a Guest Designer for Little Birdie Crafts. A special thanks to the Little Birdie Team for giving me this opportunity!

A quick introduction about myself – ­­I am a crafts tutor, blogger and creative from the UK. You will often find me in my craft room covered in glitter, glue and paint! I’ve been actively working in the crafts industry for over 6 years now.

Today, I have a Chunky Glitter Shaker Card project using gorgeous Little Birdie products. The flowers are hands down the most beautiful I have ever seen, and the hardest part of making this project was choosing which flowers to use. The panel is built using an Arch Frame Die which comes with a Movers and Shakers insert that can be added inside the main base plate. To brighten it up, I decided to cover the panel with some fine and chunky glitter from Little Birdie.



After constructing the panel, I made my own DIY glue paste with PVA glue and the fine glitter. Use equal parts of glitter and glue and thin it with water if the mixture feels too thick. I would also recommend paint your surface underneath so that any gaps are covered. I love doing this so my glitter won’t rub off my project! Lastly, embellish the card with beautiful handmade Little Birdie flowers and chipboard sentiments of your choice. Watch the video tutorial to the complete project to get inspired and start creating!

Please let me know how you liked the creation in the comments section below. I had a blast making this Shaker Panel and my mind is already buzzing with more ideas. Thank you so much for peeking in and have a wonderful day­­­ 🙂



Handcrafted Greeting Card – Make A Wish

Hello everyone, I am Asia Marquet! Sharing a special, flowery card project for Little Birdie. I am so happy to be a Guest Designer on this blog as I love to work with Little Birdie products 🙂 I find that Little Birdie’s beautiful handmade flowers are just perfect for card making.

Here’s What will you need:

  • Cardstock for the base of the card
  • Burlap Flowers
  • Green Flowers (small)
  • Leaves
  • Creamy Burlap Roll
  • Shimmer Elements: Hearty Mélange – Silver Hearts
  • Embellishments
  • Glue for paper and 3d Gel for bigger objects
  • Piece of packaging (perfect from flowers packaging)
  • Some extra piece of paper for more texture (here I used part of a tag with script)

Step by Step Tutorial:

I started with the idea of recycling a packaging from a pack of flowers. I didn’t feel like throwing it out as it was a nice piece of sturdy paper and it matched well with the idea I had in my head. I distressed its edges and managed to make a tear in the paper which will be an extra texture for the card.

Stick a small piece of tag with script/ any design onto the piece of distressed packaging. Apply an uneven layer of white gesso on the tag (I have not covered the tag completely). Let it dry.

Next, cut-out and paste a piece of gorgeous Creamy piece of burlap from Little Birdie and wrap some string around the card.

Let’s add various elements to our card. I added Little Birdie Natural Burlap Flowers, arranging them as a close bunch. I worked around a particular theme with cream, brown and green colors for the card. Add pretty green colored flowers and leaves as you desire for finer details.

To further beautify my card, I added a die-cut border and some cabochons (popularly known as gemstones), all along one side of the card. And to top it off with shimmer element, I added Hearty Melange – Silver Hearts. Add a sentiment of your choice, depending on the occasion or purpose for gifting the card. The last part is to stick the whole composition on the cardstock. And here is the result (along with a close up first):


Thank you so much for being here with me on Little Birdie blog. Hope to see you soon!


Asia Marquet





Mixed Media Art Journal Page

Hello friends, this is Linda here! After starting as a Card maker, I have loved the journey to life beyond paper. It is indeed satisfying to discover that I can still work with paper and create Mixed Media projects. There really are no set rules in crafting, it is a matter of shaking off those things which limit us and open our minds!! In today’s post, I have illustrated how to create a beautiful Art Journal Page using paper, flowers, embellishments, laces and loads of love!

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • Net Design Stencil
  • Fancy Daisies – Arctic Flower Pack
  • Elise Carnation Flower Pack
  • Sequins Medley -Pink Sherbet
  •  Butterfly Embellishments – Pink and Blue
  • Recycled Cardboard for Album
  • Album Rings
  • Patterned paper
  • Nostalgic Image or photo
  • Word Stickers
  • Recycled Packaging for sentiment
  • Tape Measure Ribbon
  • Scalloped Lace
  • Die Cut
  • Liquid Glue
  • Distress ink

Step by Step tutorial:

Sponge the top of the patterned paper/page using green ink and the Net design stencil. Stick the flower bud and stem from the Elise Carnation Flower Pack to the lower portion of the Stenciled portion using glue.

Next, glue the large flower from the Elise Carnation Flower Pack to the right side of the stenciled area.

Paste the large Daisy from the Fancy Daisies – Arctic Flower Pack. Glue a row of white scalloped lace to the outer edge of the Journal Page.

Let’s add more details to the layout. Stick the Die cut ‘X’ below the stenciling. Glue the sentiment across the lower portion of the page at a desired angle.

Using scissors, cut out images of cute children and glue it to the right side of the page, overlapping the sentiment. Sponge the edges of the image using brown ink and a sponge dauber.

Stick the tape measure ribbon below the sentiment using strong tape. Add three words along the side of the stenciling and one across the center of the Die cut.

Stencil the lower right corner below the Tape Measure ribbon, using Green ink and the Net Design Stencil.

Randomly stick small amounts of Sequins Medley – Pink Sherbet onto the page.

Your Mixed Media Art Journal Page is ready!

Sharing quick steps on how to create a Recycled Art Journal:

  1. Create Album pages using recycled cardboard – either corrugated or plain
  2. Cover each page using paper – patterned or plain, to be created on
  3. Punch two holes on one side/edge of the page and add rings
  4. Adhere assorted trims along the edge of one side of each page using either strong tape or liquid glue

Thank you all for your time.