Shabby Chic Altered Button Box

Shabby Chic Altered Button Box

Hello, Friends!  I have a confession to make.  I love buttons!  I have a huge collection of vintage buttons in my studio.  They often find their way into my card making and crafting because I love the soft patina, shape and dimension they add to a project.  I had a special stash of beautiful ivory vintage buttons that I wanted to put in a special place.  For my birthday this summer, my sweet granddaughter gave me a vintage wooden box.  What better place to store my special button stash?  The box was a little on the Plain Jane side of things, so I decided to dress it up with Little Birdie Paints, Mediums, Paper and Flowers.

Altered Button Box by Kathy Clement for Little Birdie Crafts Photo 01

I love the way it looks now!  The box measures 5″ x 3″ x 3″.

Altered Button Box by Kathy Clement for Little Birdie Crafts Photo 02

I’ve added a ribbon wrap, burlap string bow, and a big vintage ivory button to the box front.  To dress up the button, I added a lovely Renae Swiss Coffee flower.

Altered Button Box by Kathy Clement for Little Birdie Crafts Photo 03The top of the box has been lined with a panel of Vintage Reflections paper, then decorated with a large blossom from the Lucille/Grape Tan flower pack.  I added in more vintage buttons and some sewing notions to make the box extra cute.

Altered Button Box by Kathy Clement for Little Birdie Crafts Photo 04

The interior of the box is also lined with Vintage Reflections paper.  Look how pretty my buttons are sitting inside!

So today I’m going to share just how quick and easy it is to dress up a box using Little Birdie Mixed Media Products.

Altered Button Box by Kathy Clement for Little Birdie Crafts Photo 05

Here’s what my box looked like at the beginning of this adventure.  Cute, but not shabby chic!

Altered Button Box by Kathy Clement for Little Birdie Crafts Photo 06

First, I painted the entire box, inside and out with a single coat of Little Birdie Black Gesso.

Altered Button Box by Kathy Clement for Little Birdie Crafts Photo 07

When that dried, I randomly brushed on Sand Stone Chalk Paint.  Then I distressed the box finish with sandpaper, and even gouged a few areas with the blade of an old pair of scissors.  Next, I used a sponge to wipe on a very thin layer of white gesso.  Then I let the whole thing dry for just a minute or two.

Altered Button Box by Kathy Clement for Little Birdie Crafts Photo 09

After that, I came in with a damp paper towel and scrubbed away at the paint and gesso layers.  When I was happy with the way the paint finished looked, I sealed everything with a layer of Matte Heavy Gel Medium

Altered Button Box by Kathy Clement for Little Birdie Crafts Photo 10

Finally, I cut panels from the Vintage Reflections Paper Pack to fit the top, sides and interior of my box.  I love the extra pattern this adds to the box finish.

Of course, the most fun part is decorating the box.  I used a sewing theme, but you could do your box in a beach, steampunk, floral or any other motif.  I really love the chippy, shabby chic finish I was able to achieve with the various mixed media elements.

I hope this post has given you some tips and ideas that you can use in your own crafty adventures!

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Special delivery – just for you

Hi everyone, I’m back again to share a little creativity.

Today I am sharing two cards and a slightly different way of gifting your special cards.

My favourite colour is purple and if I can create a little something in purple tones, I will.

I’ve made a card and a slip case, or a presentation case.

And I’ve made another one, this time in pink, green and white tonings.

Let me share what I have done.

I’ve gathered supplies first and cut patterned paper, cardstock to size, cut foliage and doily.

My card base is white cardstock 9″ x 4.5″ – score in half.

Cut contrasting cardstock 4 1/4″ square and adhere on top of white cardstock.

Cut patterned paper 4″ square and adhere on top of purple cardstock.

[working in quarter inch or half inch increments makes cutting and layering so quick and easy]

Adhere cut doily.

Build up foliage embellishment cluster – adhere muslin, [cheesecloth], crafting fibres, foliage and bloom, add sentiment and randomly apply gesso using toothpick.

I’ve then made a special presentation case/slip case.

I’ve cut out two sides [using a metal die for shape and gorgeous patterned paper.  I’ve cut a strip of cardstock, scored and adhered the two sides together, inked around the edges and then built up an embellishment cluster in the middle of the front of my presentation case.

I really do love this patterned paper – I love purple tonings.

A closer look at the embellishment cluster.

Then I decided to make a box – so I cut, scored and folded a box, flipped my presentation case upside down and that has now become the lid and my card is still tucked inside the box.

Then I thought to myself, it needs a little gesso on my flower on the presentation case.

I loved how this wee project turned out, so I decided to make it up in a different colour combination.  This time I went with pinks, green and white.


From the Little Birdie Crafts store :

From the store :

Until next time my friends,

Happy creating


Mixed Media Dream Catcher

Nuneka back with another DT project. Ten days ago an angel was born in my family and I became an auntie and godmother. I couldn’t wait and I made this dream catcher for the most beautiful princess I’ve ever seen. The piece is made from scratch, but don’t panic! It’s easier than you may think.


Wire is usually the base for dream catchers, but if you don’t have wire (like in my case) you can draw in a thick cardboard a couple of circles with a compass and cut them with a craft knife.


To wrap the circle, I used flat wool, but you can use ribbon or fabric strips, whatever you have at home. All I did was to roll the wool around the circle and leave a bow to hang it.


This is the patience step: knitting the dream catcher. As I said, it’s easier than it seems. First I made some marks on the circle, dividing it into 16 parts. Then I tied a thick thread bellow the bow and started knitting. It’s as easy as passing the thread around the circle on each mark, making little curves. When completing the first round, just pass the thread through the curves. At first you cannot see the dream catcher, but if you stretch the thread, you will see it’s there. Keep making rounds until you can pass the thread anymore.

* If you want to make it prettier, just insert crystal beads form time to time.


I wanted the circle to look intense when the dream catcher was finished, so I applied a coat of White Gesso on both sides and dried with the heat gun.


To make a really special piece with this dram catcher, I chose some beautiful Little Birdie flowers to create a composition on a side. As the roses are so gorgeous and very realistic, I decided to apply gesso first and then glue them to the dream catcher. I used hot glue to stick the roses and Heavy Gel Medium for the leaves I cut with a die.

* If you use flat flowers, you can glue them first and then apply gesso to the whole piece.


I used Color Splash sprays in pink, purple and blue to create a beautiful gradient. Before drying, I sprinkled Mica Powder which gave an incredible shine.


I made a smaller dream catcher following the same steps. And I placed it hanging from the big one.


Using the same Color Splash sprays, I tinted several strips of my flat wool and decorated them with crystal beads and white feathers. Then I tied some of the strips on the right side of the big dream catcher and glued some others with Heavy Gel Medium underneath the flowers.


I used Tinted Metallic Paint to add an extra shine and highlight some areas. Finally I made some white splatters and sprayed the dream catcher with a fixative.


Now the dream catcher is hanging over the baby’s cot and I hope it catches all the nightmares so she can have only sweet dreams.

These are some close-ups where you can see all the beautiful details and how awesomely the Mica Powder works.

Tiny dream catchers are so cute.

These Little Birdie roses seem so real!


I’ve made a video tutorial so you can watch the whole process:


These are the products I’ve used:

See you very soon with a new project!