Spring Garden Spade Decor

HiLittle Birdie Crafts fans!! It’s Tracey here to share an altered garden spade featuring gorgeous Little Birdie Crafts Flowers and amazing texture using their fabulous mixed media products. 

Here are the steps to create this lovely spring home decor piece.

Step 1

Mix Little Birdie Crafts Texture Sand into a scoop of white mixed media paste and spread over the entire spade. I brushed two thick coats onto the front allowing to dry between coats, then turned the spade over and repeated the same on the back.

***Tip*** Whenever working with a gritty texture like sand, I use an inexpensive/old brush. The sand can damage the bristles of the brush, so you don’t want to ruin one of your good brushes. I keep a couple old brushes in different sizes just for this task.

Step 2

Apply a thick coat of Crackle Paste to random areas on the front of the spade and the handle. Set aside to dry. I find that allowing Crackle Paste to air dry produces more cracks than heat setting. Depending on how thick it is applied, the Little Birdie Crackle Paste usually dries for me within an hour or two. However, I often apply the paste as my final step for the day and let it dry overnight to make sure that all the cracks are formed and it is completely set.

Step 3

Randomly brush Little Birdie Metallic and flat paints onto the textured surfaces in teal, blue and golden plum. To lighten the plum color, I added a little warm white paint from my personal supplies. I also painted the back of the spade as well.

Step 4

Now it’s time to start preparing the embellishments. I brushed this gorgeous Little Birdie Primed Chipboard Wing with White Gesso, then lightly with Caribbean Teal and Deep Sea Blue allowing some of the white to show through at the top of the wing.

Step 5

This Primed Chipboard Ivy Vine is just gorgeous. I gave it a coat of warm white paint, then dabbed a dry fan brush into the Golden Plum paint and brushed it onto my craft mat to remove most of the paint. I then lightly brushed the edges of the leafy vine with the Golden Plum paint. I picked up more paint from my craft mat as needed to brush all of the leaves. Once that dried, I used a sponge applicator to apply brown Distress Ink to the edges, but any brown ink you have in your stash will get you a similar effect.

*** Tip*** If you do not have a craft mat, you can use a piece of leftover packaging to swipe your wet paint brush over, like the plastic bag used to hold the chipboard. Simply throw it in the trash when you are done.

Step 6

Cut off a piece of Little Birdie Cheesecloth in a triangular shape about 3/4 of the length of the spade. Spritz water onto a craft mat and mix in just a little Caribbean Teal in one area and another area with Deep Sea Blue paint. Spritz the cheesecloth with water, roll it around in your hands, and pull on the edges to give it a distressed appearance, then drag different areas of the cloth through the two colors of paint. It’s okay if some of it stays white. Set aside or heat set to dry.

Step 7

Select gorgeous Little Birdie Flowers to embellish the garden spade. I am using: Renea Flowers ~ Grape/Tan; Camila Flowers ~ Blue; Mellisa Flowers ~ Mulberry; Fiona Flowers ~ Arctic Ice; Little Birdie Foliage ~ Beaded Pollen; Burlap Mini Beaded Butterflies ~ Natural & Cream.

Step 8

Adhere the cheesecloth behind the flowers and across the handle of the spade with Heavy Gel Matte Medium, then apply the prepared chipboard, gorgeous flowers, and any other elements such as this adorable bug pendant I found at my local craft store using more of the Heavy Gel Matte Medium.

If you look closely at the edges of the spade you can see that I chipped away some of the texture paste by scraping with the blade of a pair of heavy duty scissors to reveal the black metal of the spade adding to the distressed look of the piece. I did this before adhering the cheesecloth and embellishments.

Step 9

Highlight texture by using a soft brush to apply Aqua Sheen Metallic Wax over the open areas of painted texture. I just adore how the texture pops with a light coat of colored wax!

Step 10

Next add Mixed Media Texture Stones and a few Deep Marine Metal Microbeads around the bottom of the cluster and down the spade using Heavy Matte Gel Medium. Then adhere a couple of wood Beaded Pollen stems.

Step 11

When I thought I was all done, I decided to go back and brush the Fiona Arctic Ice rose with a little white gesso to soften the color and added a Grey Sky Daisy as well as a few Beaded Micro Petals to fill in a few open spaces. One of the grape petal flowers sits atop the burlap butterfly. You can see these additions in the main photo and close-ups.

Little Birdie Crafts Supplies:

  • Renea Flowers ~ Grape/Tan
  • Camila Flowers ~ Blue
  • Mellisa Flowers ~ Mulberry
  • Fiona Flowers ~ Arctic Ice
  • Beaded Daisies ~ Grey Sky
  • Beaded Micro Petals ~ Grape/Tan
  • Little Birdie Foliage ~ Beaded Pollen
  • Burlap Mini Beaded Butterflies ~ Natural & Cream
  • Primed Chipboard ~ Ivy Flourish
  • Primed Chipboard ~ Wings
  • Tinted Metallic Paint ~ Caribbean Teal
  • Tinted Metallic Paint ~ Golden Plum
  • Home Decor Collection ~ Matt Mixed Media Acrylic Paint ~ Deep Sea Blue
  • Metallic Wax ~ Aqua Sheen
  • Texture Sand
  • Mixed Media Stones
  • Metal Microbeads ~ Deep Marine
  • Cheesecloth
  • Gesso ~ White
  • Mixed Media Paste ~ 2 in 1 Gesso & Modelling Paste – White
  • Crackle Paste
  • Heavy Gel Medium ~ Matte

Other Supplies:

  • Garden Spade
  • Antique Gold Bug Pendant with green crystals
  • Distress Ink ~ Gathered Twigs
  • Sandstone Acrylic Paint
  • Warm White Acrylic Paint
  • Water Mist Sprayer


I hope you’ve been inspired to pull out your fabulous Little Birdie Crafts products to alter a garden tool or anything you might happen to have laying around that needs a fresh new start to create a beautiful spring decor piece for your home or someone you love.

~ Blessings ~



Mixed Media Vases


I would like to share  my next project today. I love this mixed media creation and the fact that all the details are highlighted with black gesso, just wax or metallic paint.
Lets see the step by step process:

To make the black metallic vases I used glass bottles bought at the IKEA store.

With gel medium, which is a great glue, I created a composition. I attached tattered gauze, flowers, stones and crystal drops. Then, I waited until the whole structure dried perfectly.

Then step was to paint everything with black gesso. I painted my vases twice.

After thorough drying, I painted the protruding elements gently  with metallic paint using a nearly dry brush.  This can also be done by applying metallic wax with the fingers.

 And that’s the details.

Used materials

Serdecznie pozdrawiam

Best wishes

Hope – An Easy Home Decor Project

Hi everyone,

Saadia here with an easy home decor project for the Spring season and Easter.

I hope you like it and are inspired by it.

Let’s start our project:

I cut 3 oval shapes in different sizes, one from a chipboard sheet and 2 from heavy weight watercolor paper.

I cut the edges of the watercolor paper ovals with wavy scissors.



Next, I coated them with different colors of chalk paints to get a soft, pastel look.

Then I added chalk paint through an Irregular dot stencil on the smallest oval. Also did a bit of background stamping in soft shades.

Next, I assembled and glued my composition. I used primed chipboard shapes and lots of beautiful flowers by Little Birdie Crafts.

Finished my project by adding few seed beads and word stickers. I added a little hook at the back for hanging it on the wall but you can also use it as a card by cutting an oval card base and gluing it to the back of the first chipboard oval.



That’s all for now.

Thank you for your precious time.

Take care and stay blessed

Saadia Nawaz


Products used :