Cacti Shadow Box

Haey Guys !
Olga here !  So today I have another project inspired by succulents and their packaging . I used the package to create shelf for my flower pots and this way this fun shadowbox happened. I started with some paper sentiment succulents from different sets, some mixed media stones, texture sand and dried moss.

First I cut and fit my shelves into deep canvas frame painted on white. I used all pieces of package and created illusion of wooden wall.

Then I arranges my flowers and pots on my shelves. Some of those cacti plants I disassembled and arranged around to fill all the gaps. One of empty pots I added at my frame I will fill it with my main flower composition

I added a little bit of moss here and there to create nice flow of green in my piece. When I was happy with my moss I attached paper sentiments with gel medium and distance foams.

To add cool natural look on top of my moss I added some stones and sand with gel medium

In my empty pot I assembled my own cacti plant from different spare plants . I really liked red flower detail here and I repeat this accent in few spots of my Shadowbox.

I’m really happy with final result. Love this cool look that those flowers bring into projects. This one is really cute and fun to make home decor piece  can be also used as a gift for any occasion. . I hope I inspired you to play a little bit with cacti flowers and pay more attention to cool packages 🙂

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