Elegant DIY Butterfly Favor Boxes

Like most little girls, my daughter is in love with butterflies. They are whimsical, magical and new to her, as they flutter by her face in the summer sun.   Lately, I’ve happily noticed that they are becoming more of an adult trend.  I’ve started seeing them on everything from stationery, to women’s fashion, to home décor.  It’s such a happy trend, and butterflies lend such a beautiful and sophisticated accent to everything they touch.

These butterfly favor boxes are very quick and easy to make.  I just added paint, glitter and miniature chipboard butterfly details to mimic both the wings of a butterfly and its flight.


Here’s What You’ll Need:

When I spotted these elegant little boxes with a butterfly closure on Little Birdies website they set my heart a flutter, pun intended! I knew they would make the perfect gift box for a hostess gift or favor.  They are large enough to hold several wrapped chocolates, candies, soaps or other treats for your guests to take home.

Step 1: Paint the front and back of the butterfly shape on top of the box.  At the same time paint the miniature chipboard butterflies.  Let the paint dry.

Step 2: Using a paintbrush apply glue to the edges of the butterfly wings (front and back).  At the same time apply glue to the edges of the wings on the miniature chipboard butterflies.

Step 3: Shake glitter onto the butterfly wings and then shake off, leaving glitter only on the edges of the butterfly wings.  Let the glue dry.

Product Tip: You can get different effects by using either fairy dust or shimmer crush products.  The fairy dust is soft and fine in texture, it’s appearance is a light dusting of gold.  The Shimmer crush has a fabulous rich texture, it is grainier with slightly varied shades of the chosen color. This almost gives a more three-dimensional effect as it is more raised in appearance.

Step 4: Assemble the boxes as shown.

Step 5: Fill the boxes with candy or treats that coordinate with your party theme. Any bite sized candy would work well.

Step 6: Attach the chipboard butterflies using the adhesive pad on the back of each butterfly

At our party, we displayed each favor atop a mini gold plate. An elegant gift for either each place setting or a separate display.

For more bling, you could add rhinestones sequins or gemstones to the butterfly wings.

Check out Little Birdie for other fun additions to your favor box, stickers or tags for your guest’s name and even ribbon to attach it. Can’t wait to see what you make!


Refresh Your Home for Summer with these Chic Denim Pillows

Summer has arrived, yay! With the arrival of summer you may be wanting to refresh your home and bring a cool, casual element into your décor.  Denim is a timeless, classic and totally on trend choice!

Denim pillows and furnishings are an easy way to create a welcoming, fresh summer vibe. For a bold, bohemian look, revamp your pillows with fabulous denim accents from Little Birdie Crafts.  Their range of dark blue through to white washed denim flowers and other embellishments are sure to give your home a relaxed sense of calm and serenity.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Little Birdie Denim Accents

*Denim Beaded Butterflies 6pcs are also a pretty alternative to flowers

**I also chose one with a simple indigo wash line down the middle

Step 1: Gather your materials, and start by pressing/ironing the pillow cover.

Step 2: Decide on the placement of the denim flowers and/or denim strip on your pillow cover. I suggest smaller flowers on the outside edges, larger in the central portion of the design.

Step 3: Peel off any sticky foam backings (some flowers have these for easy attachment to paper, we are going to attach more permanently)

Step 4: Once you are happy with the layout, use fabric glue to adhere the flowers and/or strip of denim to the pillow cover. This will create a solid lasting attachment.


The denim strip can be glued (for an easy no sew option) or stitched onto the pillow.  I left mine without a finishing hem, retaining a more distressed, casual look.

Step 5. Fill the cover with a pillow, if any part of the pillow looks too empty, add additional flowers with fabric glue.

You may also wish to create a design on the reverse side of the pillow.

Consider other fun denim accents like butterflies for a whimsical look!

Vary the shades of denim you use to subtly adopt the trend without overwhelming the space. Then, layer the finished pillows with more neutral and indigo accent pillows, choose contrasting stripes, faux fur textures and quirky patterned blankets for a true boho look!

The finished pillows are just the right accessory to a seating area or bedroom. Prioritize comfort and cozy! All the supplies you need to create these beautiful denim pillow accents are available at Little Birdie Crafts.

Stay on trend this summer, and enjoy this fun and easy refresh! – Natalie

Summer Wreath Project in Red, White and Blue

These summer wreaths are perfect for front porch decorating this season, including for the Fourth of July. Design Team members Midge and Madge have created this fantastic project using denim and canvas trims and flowers from Little Birdie Crafts, and the results are captivating!

Crafting with denim and canvas is great fun, and can be an unexpected crafting material, which adds the the whimsical look of these pretty wreaths.

Here’s What You’ll Need:


Catch the full tutorial here, on Midge and Madge Mingle!

Thanks for visiting, stay tuned for more fun projects from Midge and Madge Mingle!