Holiday Sign

sleigh all day holiday sign

This funny holiday sign will make you smile every time you see it!

Have you seen all the cute Christmas puns on t-shirts, cards, and home decor? I think they’re so clever! Here are my top five favorite, in no particular order:

  • Grinch Don’t Steal My Vibe
  • Gangsta Wrapper
  • Let’s Get Lit
  • Check Your Elf Before You Wreck Your Elf
  • Sleigh All Day

So funny! I made this using Little Birdie embellishments and glitter letters. It’s fun AND festive.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Step One:

Figure out what you want your sign to say, and make sure you have enough letters to spell it all out! I had to get a little creative as you can see here, because I only used two sets of alphabets (and I apparently misplaced one of the As!) The letters are glittery foam, so they were easy to trim and shape to construct the two letters I was missing. An upside down T and a V became an L and an A, just like that!

Step Two:

Paint your sign in a color of your choice. I like the black because it goes well with the glittery elements I was using, plus I just like the classic chalkboard look. I did a couple of coats and then let it dry completely.

Step Three:

Arrange letters and flowers to your liking! When you figure out how you want them laid out, a tiny dab of hot glue holds each in place beautifully. The letters actually are self-stick with a peel-off backing, so no glue required for them.

Here’s how it turned out!


Jolly holidays!



Creative Gift Wrap

Hey crafty friends! I have PRESENTS for you! Just kidding. But I do have a few fun ways to wrap presents! I get so tired of handing over gifts in the standard gift bag with tissue paper poking out the top. So boring! Let’s go for something a little more cute.

Here’s what you’ll need:

I had this funny mustache card game to give to a friend, and what better way to dress it up than with these darling glittery mustache mini embellishments!

Here is my little gift, all tied up and mustachioed! I am so tempted to take the rest of these mustaches and stick them all over our framed family pictures. Wonder if my family would notice?

I have a bunch of teenage girls, so I was pretty excited about these trendy little feathers and dream catchers. My girls love this stuff! And these are super cute. I used these along with some lacy ribbon to create a set of really cute tiny round boxes.

I attached the ribbon with a tape runner, but a dot of glue would also work just fine. The sticker embellishments just stick right on! Here are my three variations.

Feathers for my little bohemian girl:

Dream catcher for my dreamer:



Music notes for my musician:

I love those little burlap flowers, and guess what? You can add color to them so easily with markers!

Here is how this turned out on a tiny drawstring bag. So cute for a tiny little “just because” gift.

Oh, by the way…I couldn’t resist.


Happy crafting


Emoji Greeting Cards

Hey there! I am always looking for funky cards to give to friends, and rarely find any that say what I’m really feeling! It’s so easy to make your own greeting cards, though – check out how to make your own Emoji Greeting Cards like these.

Here’s what you’ll need:

(The variety of cute embellishments available is ENDLESS)

  • Little Birdie Cards
  • Marker

You’ll also need some funny puns! Here are a few I liked:

  • Donut Kill My Vibe
  • I’m Donuts About You
  • Donut Worry, Be Happy
  • Get Your (poop emoji!) Together
  • Holy (poop emoji!) You’re Old!
  • You’re a Little Stinker!
  • Word’s Can’t Espresso How Much You Bean to Me
  • Love You A Latte
  • You Mocha Me Crazy

I can’t get enough of these darling Mini Embellishments – I want to collect them all. The poo and toilet paper? Best Buds!

There’s not much to this! Use markers to write what you want on your cards, and add embellishments where appropriate! They’re self stick, so it couldn’t be easier.

   I almost wish I would’ve used “Donuts before Bronuts” – that would’ve been cute, too!

The possibilities are limitless, so use your imagination! Go crazy!