Art Home Decor

Hello, creative! Today is the last day I will be here with you as a designer. I want to say thank you to everyone for this exciting time. Thank you Little Birdie Crafts for the opportunity to get acquainted with such cool materials. Today, as the last work, I chose Art decor for the house.

I have a lot of shelves and I like to decorate them with interesting items. I took a glass jar of juice and made it an interesting thing for the interior.

Let’s watch my step-by-step video tutorial:

At the final stage, I suggest covering the protruding elements with wax. In my work, I used:

Thanks for attention. Yulia Pospelova was with you.

Wooden Treasure Box

Hello crafty friends,

I would like to invite you to my YouTube channel, where you can see how I made this wooden treasure box.

To decorate the box, I used a chipboard clock, beautiful Little Birdie flowers, Timekeeper die and metallic wax.

I used:

Thank you/Best Regards


Dot Painting with Chalk Paints

Have you ever wanted to try dot painting but didn’t know where to start? That’s how I felt, but I decided to use my Little Birdie Chalk paints and give it a try!

You can dot paint on just about anything and you don’t even need any special equipment. The Little Birdie chalk paint packs are great because you get such a nice range of colours that already go together nicely.

I used an empty pickle jar and started by painting the whole thing black as a dramatic background.

I used some dot painting tools, but you can also use things like toothpicks, pencil erasers, and cotton swaps as your dot brush.

Just dive in and dab a large dot in the centre, then add dots around it, and fill in the spaces with more dots and more colours. It’s that simple! (Watch my video below to see how to get started.)

You can layer your dots or glue on beads or rhinestones like I did to add a bit more texture.

If you use a jar you can put it on your desk to hold pencils or in your kitchen to hold wooden spoons, or you could even use it as a vase for beautiful Spring flowers!

List of Little Birdie Products I used:
Acrylic Matte Chalk Paint-Vibrant
Acrylic Matte Chalk Paint-Muted