Creative Gift Wrap

Hey crafty friends! I have PRESENTS for you! Just kidding. But I do have a few fun ways to wrap presents! I get so tired of handing over gifts in the standard gift bag with tissue paper poking out the top. So boring! Let’s go for something a little more cute.

Here’s what you’ll need:

I had this funny mustache card game to give to a friend, and what better way to dress it up than with these darling glittery mustache mini embellishments!

Here is my little gift, all tied up and mustachioed! I am so tempted to take the rest of these mustaches and stick them all over our framed family pictures. Wonder if my family would notice?

I have a bunch of teenage girls, so I was pretty excited about these trendy little feathers and dream catchers. My girls love this stuff! And these are super cute. I used these along with some lacy ribbon to create a set of really cute tiny round boxes.

I attached the ribbon with a tape runner, but a dot of glue would also work just fine. The sticker embellishments just stick right on! Here are my three variations.

Feathers for my little bohemian girl:

Dream catcher for my dreamer:



Music notes for my musician:

I love those little burlap flowers, and guess what? You can add color to them so easily with markers!

Here is how this turned out on a tiny drawstring bag. So cute for a tiny little “just because” gift.

Oh, by the way…I couldn’t resist.


Happy crafting


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