Mixed Media Canvas


Hello hello Little Birdies friends, I am very happy to share this 12 by 12 canvas with you.

I have used water color panel to realize my project. Theses canvas are very versatile and very fun to work with. Because they are made to received a lot of water, no need to prepare the surface, you can apply your medium directly on the canvas, even if you are planning to use a lot of medium and a lot of water.

Today, I have chosen to create a brick wall effect, probably one of my favorite effects. The steps are very easy as you can see on my video tutorial below. Here are the 3 mains steps:

1- Used grainy texture paste through brick wall stencil with a palette knife and let it dry

2-Used a basic color, I have chosen to used Acrylic Matt Chalk Paint Caribbean Teal mixed with a little bit of water, and ad color over the brick motif and dry

3- Used a tiny paint brush to add a little bit of color on each bricks, I have used Mocha color splash, and use water to dilute the color, this way it will have a vintage/gungy look and dry

As you can see it is very easy to create brick wall effect. And you can used this simple technique with different color combinaison. For sure the effect will always be stunning.


Here the link to see my creative process:

Here the liste of the materiels I have used to create this canvas:

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