“Never Stop Dreaming” Upcylced Mixed Media CD

Hello Little Birdie Crafts Fans! It’s Tracey back to share an upcycled project with you today. I think we all have old CD’s hanging around that will never be used again. I came across this one the other day and thought it would be perfect to alter with the gorgeous Little Birdie Boho Dreams collection. Please scroll down through my Tips and Techniques section to see how I put it all together.

Tips and Techniques

Select a base paper from the 6×6″ Boho Dreams paper set and cut a circle from the page to fit a CD. I used a circle die, but you could also trace the CD and hand cut the circle.

Adhere the circle of paper to the CD using Matte Acrylic Soft Gel Medium and brush the front of the paper with gel medium as well. Set aside or heat set to dry.

Dry brush the background paper lightly with Little Birdie White Gesso in the direction of the boards printed on the paper. You may notice a light circle where the center of the CD is cut out. This will be covered with the floral cascade and will not be visible on the finished piece. Set aside or use a heat tool to dry completely.

Select gorgeous Little Birdie Flowers and dry brush them lightly with white gesso. I have used the following fabulous flowers: Boho Vibes Collection – Marisa, Wendy, Julita, and Elira; along with Renae Candy Mix.

Fussy cut images from the 12×12″ and 6×6″ Boho Dreams paper packs to embellish.

I used my finger to rub Golden Glaze and Golden Plum Tinted Metallic Paints randomly across the primed chipboard Playful Circle, using the darker Golden Plum to create a shading effect. When dry, rub Copper Blaze Metallic Wax over the piece to create more shading.

Arrange and adhere elements using Silicon Glue.

Brush yellow Ocher PanPastel around the edges. Because this medium can rub off. I sealed the colored edges with a spray fixative.

Note: It would have been easier to do this step before adhering the elements. You can learn from my experience!

Tip: You could use many different mediums to color the edges. A few examples include Metallic paints or waxes, acrylic paint, inks, chalks, etc . . . I just happened to have the perfect color in my PanPastel set.

Use Matte Soft Gel Medium to adhere Summer Gold and Gala Pink Metal Microbeads to fill in around the cluster.

Floral Close-Ups

  • Other Supplies
  • Pan Pastel Artists’ Pastels – Yellow Ochre
  • Nesting Circles Dies
  • Matte Spray Fixative

I hope you’ve been inspired to pull out your amazing Little Birdie Crafts supplies and upcycle something beautiful today!

~ Blessings ~


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