Quick and Easy Ways to Embellish Party Basics

Transform your plain party decorations into eye-catching decor with the vast range of fun & versatile embellishments from Little Birdie Crafts. As seen in my post on Halloween embellishments, crafting and creating party decor doesn’t need to be complex or difficult.  Little Birdie Crafts has such a great range of products, once you get to know what they have you’ll be embellishing everything within reach!

In this post, I’m giving you a few simple steps that are perfect for adding a little extra cute to the basic party supplies you may have at home.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Other products you will need:

  • Paper Party Fans
  • Party Plates
  • Paper napkins
  • Glass Bottles
  • Cloth Favor Bags

Adding Chalkboard Embellishments

I love paper party fans for decorating a dessert table or party room.  The most cost-effective fans are usually the plain colors, not the most exciting though are they? Take a plain fan and coordinate it with other party decor or add floral details that give it a whole new look with the chalkboard flowers.  Like most of the Little Birdie Crafts floral embellishments, these have a self-adhesive sticker on the back that makes this super simple.  You don’t even need tape!

I have a ton of basics left over from parties that could use a little dressing up.  For plain bamboo or white paper plates, you can use the same chalkboard embellishments to jazz up & coordinate plates.  Go from having mismatched fans and plates to a well-coordinated set!

Fun with Wood Block Stamps

Here’s a little known fact about me; I collect woodblock stamps! I love them, and they actually make cute home decor accents! When they aren’t gracing my shelves, they are another handy tool to give a basic party staple a quick upgrade.

Buy simple linen, cotton or muslin favor bags and link them to your party theme by stamping them with a coordinating woodblock.

The technique is simple.  Either add fabric paint to the stamp and spread evenly as I have here, or use an ink pad.  Press gently, but firmly down onto the bag and carefully remove.

If you prefer sparkle to plain, add a little shimmer crush before it’s totally dry to add extra bling to the look!

The blocks also work well with Little Birdie chalk paint. Try  it on a plain cocktail napkin.  TIP:  Be extra gentle when removing the stamp when you are pressing on napkin paper to avoid tearing, as the paper is thin and delicate.

A final tip for adding a festive touch to party tableware embellishments is a little twist on a simple glass bottle.  Tie baker’s twine or jute cord around the bottle and add a floral embellishment to the top.  These never cease to please guests, and are adorable, while simple to make.

As a party planner, I appreciate the elegance these additions add to plain party staples, making them party and theme ready.

Check out Little Birdie for other fun embellishments, a great range of paint colors, stickers and ribbons.  Can’t wait to see what you make!


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