Red Sunset Evening

Hello Lovely Peeps!

This is Saira here with another guest design project!

It’s raining here in India, and what’s better than creating a lovely sunset painting using watercolors from Little Birdie to brighten up the mood!

For this painting, I have used colors – Crimson, scarlet, vermillion, yellow, pink, rosy, bluish purple, brown, and black.

Below are the process images along with instructions.

Step 1: Make a rough sketch of the image, I added few branches and taped the watercolor paper on all four sides using a masking tape.

Step 2 : Add layer of clean water wash on the upper half of the horizon line, and to create the sky, create cloudy sky using crimson, scarlet, bluish purple, yellow and vermillion.

Step 3: Once dried, apply shades of crimson, scarlet, vermillion and yellow to the foreground.

Step 4: Once the colors dry, add some trees and lines on the foreground indicating the floor.

Step 5: Add more details such as the bench and the metal railings across.

Step 6: Carefully remove the masking tape from all four sides (this is a very satisfying activity) and Voila! We have a beautiful red sunset painting!

Little Birdie products used :

Watercolor Half Pan Set 24 colors

Other supplies:

Watercolor paper 300gsm cold press, Masking Tape, Brush – Flat, liner and Round size – 8, jar of water

Thanks a lot for stopping by! Hope you liked this painting and are inspired enough to create one yourself!


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