Romantic Shabby Chic Heart

Hello dear Little Birdie fans!! It’s Tracey back to share a new project with you featuring this Little Birdie MDF heart. This dreamy and romantic home decor piece is embellished with shabby Decoupage Paper, gorgeous flowers, and lovely Primed Chipboard Pieces. Mixed media touches are added as well.

Be sure to scroll down through my ‘Tips and Techniques’ section below to discover all the details on how to create this beautiful heart with Little Birdie Crafts supplies.

Tips and Techniques

Step 1

Select a sheet of Decoupage paper. Place the paper onto the heart to figure out where you want the design to lay on the heart. Keep the heart in place while flipping the paper over to trace around the heart onto the back of the paper.

Step 2

Cut around the heart leaving at least 1/4″ or so margin around the outline. This will allow you to place the heart onto the surface and make minor adjustments to the placement. Erase the line so it doesn’t show through onto your finished piece.

Here’s the patterned side of the paper after it’s cut out.

Step 3

Step 3

Brush over the top and sides of the heart with white gesso and allow it to dry.

Step 4

Somehow I missed taking a photo of this step, but it’s easy peasy. Brush Matte Deco Magic over the heart and place the paper onto the heart. Since the paper is cut larger than the heart, it will hang over the edges.

I had some lumpy areas, and rolled over the top with a brayer to smooth things out. I still ended up having some wrinkles, but that ends up working nicely for a textured shabby feel as you will see as we continue working. You may notice there’s even a small area where the print pulled off at the bottom of the heart, but no worries, it gets covered with mixed media textures as well. (I know you decoupage experts may be cringing right now, but my inexperience with this medium is showing. It just goes to show that we should try new things, and go with the results even if they aren’t perfect.)

I had some decoupage medium seeping out at the edges in places, and wiped it off with a dry paper towel, so that it would dry more quickly and so that there wouldn’t be clumps of glue on the sides of the heart.

Step 5

Once completely dry, sand in a downward motion across the edges to remove the excess paper. In the process, I sanded off some of the white coat of primed gesso, but like the shabby feel that gives the project so didn’t go back and touch up the edges.

Step 6

Lightly dry brush over the entire piece, except the bird in the top right side of the heart. I want the bird to be part of the finished design, but the flowers will add texture and color, but won’t be a definitive part of the finished design, the light brushing of gesso adds a soft feel to the background and even highlights some of those lovely wrinkles in the paper.

I like to use a stiff fan brush to apply the gesso which helps keep things light and airy.

Step 7

I thought I’d try something different for me, and sponged on white gesso through this gorgeous stencil. It’s a repeating pattern, so it was easy to reposition the stencil to continue the design across the entire heart, again avoiding the bird image.

I used a foam stencil dabber to apply the gesso. Since I wanted a shabby chic feel to this heart, the gesso is applied lighter in some areas, and heavier in others. I wanted this design to look as if it had been there a long time and was staring to wear off, so avoided a heavier application with crisp edges.

I just adore the way this turned out, and could have almost stopped right here, but knew how gorgeous the Little Birdie Flowers and chipboard pieces were going to look.

Step 8

Prepare the chipboard by applying embossing powder. I used an embossing marker to color the bird and flowers to apply the teal embossing powder. I’m not sure why, but this powder beaded up and wow!! I just adore this added texture. The white ended up being glossy and smooth, providing a beautiful contrast. I also used a touch of brown for the bird’s legs. If you don’t have embossing powders, you could easily use Little Birdie paints to color your chipboard.

Step 9

Since I’m going for a distressed shabby feel, the flowers and foliage are dry brushed with white gesso using a small fan brush along with a couple of stick pins from my stash.

Step 10

It’s so much fun to add in a few gears, so I die cut heavy 120lb white cardstock using this Cogs and Wheels Thincut Metal Dies Set. They are left white for this project.

Step 11

Arrange and adhere the the flowers, chipboard, and die cut cogs. I also added this sweet sentiment from my stash. A list of all flowers and chipboard can be found in the supply list below.

I adhered the sentiment first, then the chipboard pieces.

The vine chipboard is actually a straight piece, but had some give to curve beautifully along the edge of the heart.

After that, I finished arranging the flowers to fit the space on the heart and glued them down, tucking in the cogs and stick pins at the end.

It’s okay to cut things apart. I used the Gianna floral cluster from the Celebrate Life collection. It has three flowers along with chipboard and mulberry paper leaves. The chipboard leaves and some of the mulberry paper leaves were snipped off to place around the edges of the cluster, rather than being covered up by the other flowers.

Step 12

Add a cog and butterfly above the bird.

Step 13

I scattered and adhered a few clear rhinestones across the heart for a little shimmer.

Little Birdie Crafts Supplies:

Other Supplies:
Embossing Powder: Capri Blue; Seafoam White; Leather
Clear Rhinestones
Sanding Block
Heat Tool
Silicone Glue

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you’ve been inspired to pull out your Little Birdie Crafts supplies to create a beautiful shabby heart for your home or as a gift for a special friend.

~ Blessings ~


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