Shabby Chic Sideboard

Hello Everyone,

Hilda here, with a new tutorial. It’s a beautiful plant sideboard.

Step 1

Designed this sideboard specially for this project. I made it out of cardboard.

I covered it with white gesso.

Step 2

Once dry, I applied Crackle Paste over it randomly.

Step 3

To give it more texture, I applied Stone Texture Paste all over the surface, including doors and stalls that are made from cardboard too.


Step 4

I applied some black ink on the outside of the sideboard to highlight the cracks.

Step 5

To give it more color, I sprayed, turquoise, green, lime and lemon spray.

Step 6

Once dry, I glued chipboards on the side of the sideboard and on the doors. For the decoration, I chose beautiful miniature plants from the botanical collection. I love them. They’re so real, and chose some flowers for the roof.

I also used some glitter paste on the pots and flowers

Step 7

Here is the end result. I hope you like it. See you soon!


Hilda Skerk

Products used,

  • Crackle Paste
  • White Gesso
  • Stone Paste
  • Acrylic soft Gel
  • Lime Splash
  • Lemon Zinc
  • Glitter paste
  • Chipboard Scroll Border
  • Chipboard Fancy Panel
  • Fiorella Pastel Palette
  • Miniature Botanical Sunny
  • Miniature Botanical Tropical Green
  • Miniature Botanical Philodendron
  • Miniature Botanical Fan Palm
  • Miniature Botanical Rosy Tulip

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