Snowy Purple Layout

Hi Everyone,

For my final project this month I decided to do a layout  using these beautiful purple Little Birdie flowers.


I chose a 12×12″  sheet lilac  paper and coated it lightly with Little Birdie gesso. I then used  assorted stencils for textures all around the centre of the page,- which looked like blobs of snow…
Using crackle patterned stamp and black ink, I  stamped  to give a few cracked shapes and then  sprayed purple and a blue/green spray for depth.
I added Little Birdie mixed media stones to the textures I had already created and then I laid a torn scrap of purple patterned paper as a mount for the photo.
I laid the photo on the prepared mount and added some chipboard pieces.
Next, I gathered a few twigs from my garden and dipped them into white acrylic. I also painted the flowers to them give a snowy look.
For the final part, my favourite part…I arranged the flowers and twigs, added some 3D balls and gave everything a little dab of white acrylic paint.
Thanks for looking!

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