Raw and Wild – Mixed Media Altered Bag

Hello to all my crafty Friends !!!!

It feels like I am here after ages…. As last month I wasn’t able to do any art for personal obligations… But I am back with a beautiful and easy project which can get you a wow effect from anyone who you will gift it to and that I am absolutely sure of!!!

I have altered a simple paper bag into a beautifully transformed artwork with the most famous Little Birdie chalk paints…. If you think that the chalk paints are only for decoupage then here’s a version where you can put it to multiple use by using it for mixed media. I tried it for the first time and I love it …


So without further ado lets jump to the step by step tutorial of this lovely project:-

I took a paper bag made out of craft cardstock.

Then I adhered some papers from old book randomly to add a layer to the area where I was gonna do my mixed media. I also used stencil and texture paste to give some texture at few areas here and there. Once that was done I added white gesso on to the papers and wiped it out from certain areas so I can see the text of the book pages….. once that was dried thoroughly I applied  the marsh green and muted teal chalk colors randomly…..

Once everything was dried completely took the same chevron stencil and added some texture with black gesso and also added the leftover papers from die cuts……  It will look something like this. basically just adding few layers …

Also added the twine the same color as bag just for some balance and texture and added more chalk paint wherever it was needed.

Usually I add lots of embellishments to my mixed media projects but since this was a bag I dint want to make it too heavy or bulky so I added the layers and textures with die cuts. I added some circle die cuts in black n white and some honeycomb die cuts in white. I adhered everything with heavy gel medium as I didn’t want anything to fall apart once I was done. I chose owl picture as my focal point cut bit to the right size added a photo mat with a normal cardstock and stressed the edges.

Any project looks incomplete without the beautiful little birdie flowers. so I added beautiful flowers in teal and white around the picture in a very random way… no symmetry at all.to balance my whole layout in which I have used die cuts I added die cut leaves rather than the normal leaves .

Last but not the least I added splatters all over with diluted white & black gesso. I think they really complimented my black n white textures and black and white die cuts which I used for the project. once everything was done and I was satisfied dried everything thoroughly I added random strokes with black gesso on the crown n base of the bag to highlight the artwork and give more depth to my project.

Its a very raw kind of mixed media and owl looks super wild so I will name this project Raw & Wild mixed media altered bag.  I absolutely enjoyed this art work where I used totally new materials like chalk paints and heavy body gel from the store and I m super pleased with the results. Hope this post creatively inspire you all. so until next time Happy Crafting.

Love & Hugs


The list of materials I used are :


Handcrafted Greeting Card – Make A Wish

Hello everyone, I am Asia Marquet! Sharing a special, flowery card project for Little Birdie. I am so happy to be a Guest Designer on this blog as I love to work with Little Birdie products 🙂 I find that Little Birdie’s beautiful handmade flowers are just perfect for card making.

Here’s What will you need:

  • Cardstock for the base of the card
  • Burlap Flowers
  • Green Flowers (small)
  • Leaves
  • Creamy Burlap Roll
  • Shimmer Elements: Hearty Mélange – Silver Hearts
  • Embellishments
  • Glue for paper and 3d Gel for bigger objects
  • Piece of packaging (perfect from flowers packaging)
  • Some extra piece of paper for more texture (here I used part of a tag with script)

Step by Step Tutorial:

I started with the idea of recycling a packaging from a pack of flowers. I didn’t feel like throwing it out as it was a nice piece of sturdy paper and it matched well with the idea I had in my head. I distressed its edges and managed to make a tear in the paper which will be an extra texture for the card.

Stick a small piece of tag with script/ any design onto the piece of distressed packaging. Apply an uneven layer of white gesso on the tag (I have not covered the tag completely). Let it dry.

Next, cut-out and paste a piece of gorgeous Creamy piece of burlap from Little Birdie and wrap some string around the card.

Let’s add various elements to our card. I added Little Birdie Natural Burlap Flowers, arranging them as a close bunch. I worked around a particular theme with cream, brown and green colors for the card. Add pretty green colored flowers and leaves as you desire for finer details.

To further beautify my card, I added a die-cut border and some cabochons (popularly known as gemstones), all along one side of the card. And to top it off with shimmer element, I added Hearty Melange – Silver Hearts. Add a sentiment of your choice, depending on the occasion or purpose for gifting the card. The last part is to stick the whole composition on the cardstock. And here is the result (along with a close up first):


Thank you so much for being here with me on Little Birdie blog. Hope to see you soon!


Asia Marquet





Floral Heart Pocket

Hi friends! Tonya here with a heart pocket decoration that is fitting for the month of February. Since February is the month of Love, I wanted to do something that I could keep out after Valentine’s Day is over and it be used as a wall decoration. So lets get started.

Here’s What You Need:

Step 1

Gather your supplies.

Step 2

I cut from the Sizzix Heart Pocket diecut two heart and the pocket from patterned cardstock. The reason I cut two hearts out I wanted to make the back a little bit more sturdy. Also if you can’t find the diecut google heart patterns and print one off as a pattern in any size you want. All you have to do to create the pocket is cut one of the hearts in half. Once I adhered the heart and pocket together I added Ric Rac Ribbon around the back side of the heart.

Step 3

I cut a 12 inch piece of pink ribbon and adhered to the top of the heart to create a hanger. I threaded two white buttons and covered the ends of the ribbon. Next I painted both the heart and cherub chipboard pieces in Pink Ballet and Tattered Lace Chalk Paint. Once dry I embossed the heart to give it texture, lightly inked the edges along with the cherub. I cut two 3 inches pieces of each of the white lace and pink ric rac  and tied off in the center.

Step 4

I cut a piece of white lace and adhered to the lip of the pocket. Next I cut a piece of white paper trim down and added to the lace. The trim is self adhesive so no worries on trying to be neat when applying adhesive.

Step 5

I adhered the heart on the corner of the pocket, folded the ric rac and lace in half and adhered next to the heart along with a pink flower, the white rose that I  deconstructed (I only wanted to use the bud) and the cherub. I loosely added some bunched up thread for interest.

Step 6

I rolled the leftover white roses that I had deconstructed to create buds and adhered to the upper corner of the heart along with two pieces of white lace and one piece of pink ric rac and wadded up thread to finish off my heart pocket.

All that is needed now is more candy and a card and it is ready to be given as a gift and once empty it can be hung up as decoration.

Thanks for stopping by, hope your day is wonderful and enjoy creating!