Beauty in Bloom Watercolor Illustration

Hello there, Little Birdie Crafts Friends! I hope you are doing well these days.

Fun fact, art illustration is actually one of the things I do as my freelance work. So it’s important to at least practice on my craft once or twice a month to keep up the rhythm.

I love painting illustrations using only a single color as it helps me improve on my tonal values. This refers to the light and shadows you see in paintings.

Since my most used medium is watercolor, I’m accustomed to painting from my lightest shade and doing the darkest tones last, because watercolor sometimes tend to be not as forgiving as acrylic and gouache, since you cannot paint over the mistakes just as easily with other medium.

Overall, it all boils down to practice, repeating what you’ve learned to master it and finding ways to improve.

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Thank you for checking out this blog post. I hope this inspired you to create something as well.

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