Make a Wish

Hi there Creatives!

This time I really stretch my boundaries and worked with colour out of my comfort zone! I normally like to work with subdued colors, but I though let be adventurous and go for Yellow! This photo taken of my daughter on her seventeenth Birthday is so whimsical and filled with yellows and gold.

“Make a Wish”I created the background on paper from my stash and yellow paper from the Little Birdie Chevrons in Aquarelle Collection. I tore a piece and adhered it a little off side . I applied Mixed Media Paste through the LB Script Stencil.

Step 1

I sprayed Tangerine and Lime Splash Color Splash randomly. I also splattered with watered down white Gesso and Golden Glaze Tinted Metallic Paint across the page.

Step 2

The LB Chipboard is already primed therefor it is easy to paint the Golden Glaze   Tinted Metallic paint on it. I really love the little wreath.

Step 3

To create the layered effect behind the photograph, I used old book paper and an off cut piece of paper from my stash. I tucked the chipboard and leaves in behind the photo and added some leaves. finally I adhered the flowers and some self adhesive pearls.

Step 4

Here are some close up photos:

I hope this leaves you inspired to create and try out these gorgeous Little Birdie products!

Until next time: happy creating!

I used the following Little Birdie products:

  • Chevron in Aquarelle
  • Little Birdie Flowers:
  • Little Birdie Roses
  • Primed chipboard: Tassel Berry
  • Primed chipboard: Cherry Wreath
  • Primed chipboard: Happy Birthday Words
  • White Gesso
  • Tangerine Color Splash
  • Lime Splash Color Splash
  • Mixed Media Paste


A Vintage Styled Keepsake Layout

Hello Little Birdie Crafts fans!  I am thrilled to be back with my second post as a guest designer for Little Birdie.  If you missed my first post, a step card tutorial, you can view it here.   Today I am sharing a heritage layout with you and a tutorial where I’ll show you how to make this layout and the floral vine.

I am using a vintage photo taken in the early 1940’s during WW II on this layout. Vintage layouts are some of my favorites.  To achieve a vintage look, think muted colors, browns, creams, the softer color palette.  Torn edges and papers add an authentic look.  I always think to myself, what would something look like if it had been created 50 years ago and had been handled by many people?  The edges would be ragged, perhaps a few tears and stains, these looks characterize the vintage look.


Step 1:

I like to save every scrap of paper that I can, so when you see a paper on top of another paper, you can believe that I have cut the center out of the back paper!  So for the first layer, trim a 1″ frame from a  12″ x 12″ paper.

Step 2:

For the next layer, trim a 12 x 12 paper to 11 ¾” x 11 ¾” and distress the edges.  Then use the Script Stencil to stencil on some words.

Step 3:

Tear contrasting strips of paper and layer as shown in the photo below.

Step 4:

Now let’s make a floral vine to use on our layout.  Take 5 small wire stemmed roses and twist 3 roses together.  Next, twist two roses together.  Now glue the two sets of roses together as shown in the photo.  You can twist the ends of the two sets together.

Step 5:

Glue some greenery from the flowers along the wire stems.

Step 6:

Select 3 larger flowers to use in the center.  Trim away excess cardboard so that it doesn’t show beneath the flowers.  There you have a pretty vine that will look lovely on your layout!

 Step 7:

Add the floral vine to one side of the photo and arrange more flowers on the opposing side.

Now add a title and any other embellishments you like.  Now you have a beautiful keepsake heritage layout.

Thank you for joining me a Little Birdie Crafts today!

Maggi Harding

Supplies Used from Little Birdie Crafts

Altered lantern


Hi Little Birdies fans, I am really happy to share my creation with you today. I wanted to create a rusty lantern, as if it had been abandoned in the wild for a long long time.

To succeed in creating a lot of texture and a beautiful rusty effect, I have used Fiber Paste, Grainy Texture Paste and 2 colors of Color Splash:  Paprika and Lime Splash.

At first, I applied Fiber Paste on the roof of the lantern with a spatula. The paste was perfect to create a lot of old and used texture for the roof. Than I have used a paint brush to color the roof green with the Lime Splash Color splash.

For the corners of the walls, I have used Grainy Texture Paste mixed with Texture Sand and Lime Splash Color Splash with a paint brush and a splatula.

Once everything was dry, I used a tiny paint brush and Paprika Colour Splash to create rusty spot on the roof and on the corners walls of the lantern. It is very easy to create a beautiful rusty effect with this technique.

The next step was to create a focal point with flowers on the top of the roof and at the bottom of the lantern. To make the flowers and leaf look more aged, I have used Paprika and Mocha Color Splash.

I also wanted my focal point, my flowers, to seem to have been growing on the lantern over the years. To give that impression, I have used sisal under my flowers.

Once everything was glued, I have used a dry pain brush with Silver Oak Tinted Metallic paint over the flowers to bring out the details and the texture in the flowers.

To add even more interest in my focal point, I have apply Crystal Drops with Acrylic Soft Gel Medium.

And the final touch was to add drop of With Gesso mixed with water.

Here some closed up of the lantern

Here the list of the Little Birdies supplies use for this projet:

With Love, Annie