Sparkle Card

Hello Little Birdie Fans, it is Linda here from Down Under, I am excited to be sharing another project with you using some of the fabulous products from Little Birdie Crafts.  I have used Little Birdie Stencils, Sparkle Paste, Handmade Flowers, Chipboard, Boutique Elements and more – there is a list with links below!

To start, secure the stencil onto textured white card stock using re-positional tape.  Apply the Sparkle Paste directly onto the stencil using a Spatula. Scrape off any excess paste and remove the stencil.  Wash the stencil and spatula using warm soapy water.  I have found the Sparkle Paste dries quite quickly.

Adhere a strip of recycled packaging across the lower portion of the card front.  Pop up one of the Arched Window Garden embellishments on the card front.  Build up the flowers around it, starting with two strips of foliage and one large  Noelle Pearl Pink flower, followed by a medium flower either side.

Next glue a  Beaded Blooms Moon Light on either side of the flowers. Trim the Chipboard – Tropical Fern into small lengths and arrange around the flowers – once you are happy with how they look, secure them using glue.  I have used the small cuts offs from the Chipboard behind the Arched Window Garden by adding a little glue in the window and popping in the Chipboard using tweezers.

Use a Corner Rounder on every corners and pop up onto a pre-made pink scalloped card base using foam tape.

Supplies from Little Birdie Crafts

I hope you are inspired to create something with shimmer using the gorgeous Sparkle Texture range – it is very pretty and so much fun to use.  I look forward to bringing you another tutorial in a couple of weeks – in the meantime don’t forget to check out the tutorials on the Little Birdie Crafts Blog by the other Design Team Members – they inspire with every post!

{{{hugs}}} and Happy creating



GROW Gardener’s Mixed Media Altered Journal

Grow Gardener's Mixed Media Altered Journal Succulent Garden by Kathy Clement Product by Little Birdie Crafts Photo 01

Hello, Friends! Where I live in North Carolina, everyone is busy in the garden at this time of the year.  Many gardeners keep a record of what they plant, which seeds they used, how the plant performed and general information about their passion for growing.  With this in mind, I created this GROW Gardener’s Mixed Media Altered Journal.

Grow Gardener's Mixed Media Altered Journal Succulent Garden by Kathy Clement Product by Little Birdie Crafts Photo 01

This 8″ x 10″ faux leather journal fell into my cart when I found it on clearance during a shopping trip.  It was of good quality, but very plain.  But not any more!  It’s pretty enough now to be displayed as home decor!

Grow Gardener's Mixed Media Altered Journal Succulent Garden by Kathy Clement Product by Little Birdie Crafts Photo 02

I love the  texture created by mixing Designer Paper with Sparkle Paste, Stencils, Paint, Burlap  Chipboard, Sisal Fibre and gorgeous Little Birdie Flowers.

I’ve created a step by step video tutorial for you so you can create your own mixed media altered journal.  I hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by!   Wishing you sunny, happy and creative days!



Project Supply List


Mixed Media Layout – True Beauty


Nuneka here with a Mixed Media layout today. I love making layouts, they bring joy to my heart more than any other thing, and there are so many things you can do on a layout that it is hard to know when to stop. So let’s go directly to the step by step tutorial.


I decided to use a paper from the Texture Brew collection. As soon as I saw these papers, I knew they are perfect for layouts. I like my layouts to be stuck to a hard surface, so the first step for me is always to place scor-tape on a 12×12 cardboard (2mm thick) and place the paper on top. This way the paper won’t comb when I start adding mediums and paints.

TIP: If you want to rip the edges of your paper, cut the cardboard slightly smaller so it won’t be seen once you’ve ripped the paper.


With the paper on its place, I protect it with a layer of clear gesso and dry it well. Then I take my ColorSplash sprays and prepare a gradient palette: yellow, light green (yellow + green), green and dark green (green + blue). I want a vibrant background that will add contrast to the focal point.

TIP: For a watercolor effect, apply clear water to the area you want to color first, this way the inks will move and mix better. To have more control on where your colors go, you can apply them using a watercolor brush. When drying, take a wet brush to go again over the lines that will appear, you can erase them applying a little water with the brush.


When the colors are completely dry, I create some texture on the upper side of my color cloud. I use a stencil and Mixed Media Paste 2 in 1. You don’t need to fill the page, just some touches here and there; and don’t worry if you feel it is not perfect, it will look more natural that way. I let it dry while I prepare the composition.

TIP: Every time you use a stencil, you can apply the 2 in 1 paste, remove the stencil and dry that area before placing the stencil anywhere else. Make sure you clean your stencils very well right after using, you don’t want the past to dry on there and ruin them!


I want to make a “garden” around my photo, so I used pieces of paper from the Water Color Floral Ballet collection and cut them with my hands, so the edges will look imperfectly natural. To add dimension, I use pieces of cardboard between layers. I chose white flowers for this project and personalize them in different ways: I dye the edges of the biggest, tint some others completely (the tiniest), paint the centre with metallic paint in the small ones, and add gel medium and glitter to the centre of the medium size ones.

TIP: Before customize your flowers, play and move them around your photo, this way you’ll know how many you need. You can take a picture with your phone to remember the places.


I prepare the other elements of my composition: some pieces of cheese cloth and a chipboard. I love Little Birdie primed chipboards, they are ready to use or to personalize as I do in this case, dying a little the edges. I also cut it in four smaller pieces to create an awesome background effect.

TIP: Once again, play with all the pieces of your layout until you find the perfect place for them. How to know that? Mmm… you’ll know when you find it. Always remember to create some balance and keep your focal point as the main subject of the layout.


When I’m happy with the composition, I take a quick photo with my phone (just in case I put something out of its place) and start building the layout. I glue the paper and the photo to the background and start adding the flowers, cheese cloth, chipboards and Little Birdie Foliage elements, creating my garden around the photo. I use Gel Medium to glue the elements, because it gives me some time if I need to move any piece.

TIP: Once again, play with all the pieces of your layout until you find the perfect place for them. How to know that? Mmm… you’ll know when you find it. Always remember to create some balance and keep your focal point as the main subject of the layout.


Last step is to add the final touches to the layout. I want some little points of light, so I glue some Crystal Drops and Sparkling Dotties here and there, a sentiment and three tiny butterflies. I also want some white splatters, so I mix a little Mixed Media Paste 2 in 1 with water, cover the photo with a piece of paper to protect it and splash the layout with little touches.

TIP: Take a break from time to time and look at your layout from the distance so you can see if it really needs anything else or not. As I said before, it is not always easy to know when to stop… but it will help if you keep in mind the focal point of your work.

My final advice today is to work from the heart, make something with a real meaning to you, cause that’s the way TRUE BEAUTY comes out.

In this close-up you can see how beautiful Little Birdie flowers are and how you can make them “yours” by adding some little touches to them.

Combining the same elements (in this case dots from the stencil, circles from the chipboard and the Sparkling Dotties) will give your project coherence and balance.

Also some big elements (such as the fern leaves and the allium flowers) will add balance.

And remember there is beauty in imperfection too. 🙂

These are the Little Birdie products I’ve used for this project:

Texture Brew 12×12 Paper Pack
Water Color Floral Ballet 12×12 Paper Pack
Color Splash Lemon Zing
Color Splash Lime Splash
Color Splash Ocean Mist 
Stencil Spotty
Mixed Media Paste 2 in 1
Gel Medium Matt
Primed Chipboard Circle
Cheese Cloth
Foliage Fern Leaf
Flowers Allium Green
Flowers Boutique Elements Bouquet Moon Light
Flowers Beaded Blooms Moon Light
Flowers Boutique Elements Fiorella Moon Light
Fairy Sparkle Lilac
Crystal Drops
Sparkling Dotties Lime Sorbet

I hope you like the layout and the tutorial.
See you very soon! xoxo