Vintage Rose Greeting Card

Handmade cards are a fantastic way to share a message with friends or family members, and a lovely way to showcase a little artistic skill at the same time! This Vintage Rose Greeting Card is easy to create using paper flowers, glitters, a chipboard frame, and a pretty stencil from Little Birdie Crafts.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Trim the aqua patterned paper to the exact size of the white note card and adhere well to the surface.

Step 2: Trim an ivory piece of cardstock to the size of the chipboard frame opening. Using the Script Stencil, use acrylic paint to stencil the design onto the paper as shown.

Step 3: Paint the chipboard frame in a peachy tone using acrylic paint. Add a sprinkle of the Fairy Dust Glitter in Pale Gold before the paint dries.

Step 4: Adhere the stenciled paper to the frame, creating one piece, then center vertically on the front of the card and glue.

Step 5: Begin layering leaves from the Aurora Paper Crafting Medley to the frame in an arrangement that is pleasing to your eye.Step 6: Add in roses from the Aurora Paper Crafting Medley, and glue securely.Step 7: Add accent flowers and leaves at the top left corner of the frame. You may wish to trim some of the leaves to allow placement of the pieces in a curved formation, as shown. Add a few rosebuds, if you like, as well. Step 8: Embellish around the frame using the Bisque Micro Roses. These can be placed singly, or in clusters.Step 9: Using the watercolors in brown and black, add aging details to the edges of the card with a brush.

Step 10: For this step, I hand tore a scrap of vintage music paper to create a background for a rusty old key and a rhinestone cluster that I had in a jar of junk jewelry that I keep for making projects like these. You may use any unique findings you like for this step, or even a photograph that is meaningful to the recipient.

Step 11: In a small container, mix a little of the two Fairy Dust Glitters together to create a stunning rose gold colored glitter. Line the edges of the background paper with a bead of glue, and dip until well covered just around the perimeter.

Step 12: Glue the background paper down in the center of the frame, and then add your special embellishment; in this case, it’s the key and rhinestone that I found. Allow to dry thoroughly on a flat surface so that the item does not fall out of position.The finished card is so lovely with its richly hued roses against the contrasting shades of aqua and turquoise. The vintage key and watercolor accents provide just enough distressing and aging to give it a grungy look, while the rhinestone enhances the piece with glamour and sparkle.Hope you have enjoyed this card making adventure with me! Until next time, Celebrate Everything! – Christie Troxell




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